Ethical Frameworks Unveiled: Virtue and Caring Ethics in Action

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These types of ethics are somewhat based on charisma. Virtue is a habit or a specific quality of a person's character that makes him renowned in the society for being a well-behaved and morally gifted person. Personal virtue depends upon the wisdom or honesty of a being in a situation where they may be a culprit. It also involves three more ethical terms that are sincerity, loyalty, and commitment. But is quite complicated and dangerous, when it comes to implementation as one would have to say the truth even if it is not good for their own reputation or maybe someone from their relatives'.

This is can also be seen in the case which depicts the fact that Uber is violating the principle of personal virtue ethics in order to protect their own brand image and reputation in the market. The key stakeholders in a case such as this are the drivers, customers, the management and the owner or CEO. It is quite relevant that these stakeholders have crossed all borders of insanity by ignoring all the allegations that have risen in the past few years.

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Sometimes the CEO ignores the allegations by saying that other companies have set up plots in order to jeopardize the company's reputation, which is totally false.

While they also claim some of the times that the drivers aren't a part of the company and rather 'operate outside the usual course of Uber's business'. By this, they meant to say that Uber isn't responsible for the driver's actions as they have set a law that states that only employees can be a part of the business.

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In light of the facts above, it is quite visible that the management has poor decision-making skills and so, they have been crossing all lines of inhumanity.

They should look over their decisions and choose employees who didn't cross the conceptual framework of conduct that is designed for a driver to follow. These shortcomings should be overcome by following virtues of commitment and cooperation.

Ethics of Caring:

This specific ethic involves the morals of caring for a person. Caring is said to be the key leading to the stepping stone of love in different relationships. It is an obvious fact that if we care about someone, we make sure that the person doesn't get hurt in any way. As reported by Sara Ruddick, maternal love is said to have to lead the way to the ethics of caring. This type of ethic isn't just all about maternal love.

In the business industry, it is seen in a totally different way. Rather, this is an ethic through which the stakeholders take action in such a way that no one associated with the company faces any problem. This can be achieved when managers organize consensus in order to make decisions. One of the many benefits of the care ethics is that it helps justice to be established as we start to care for people and take a stand for people, as 'we care for them'. It creates interdependence which increases reliance and this has quite a positive effect on relationships.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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