Paper Towns by John Green

For my independent reading, I read Paper Towns by John Green. I thought it was an interesting book with a lot of twist and turns. It showed a side of high school that we don’t see these days in mainstream media. Paper Towns also shows two polar opposites in high school a boy with 2 close friends and the most popular girl in school. Ironically it’s Margo who feels more alone in life. I thought that friendship is one of the biggest themes in the book, as well as finding yourself as a person.

These themes set the tone for the whole book and provided some good moments for Paper Towns.

What I like the most about Paper Towns was how in the beginning Quinten thinks after that night, him and Margo are become very close and hang out more during and after school.

When in fact it is the opposite. She doesn’t appear until later the book which added some suspense as to what happen to Margo.

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Did she die? Did she finally run away and not come back, unlike the other times she ran away? These questions were in Quinten’s mind and he could not stop thinking about Margo, because he cared so much about her. My favorite park was the night before Margo Roth Spieglmen ran away to New York, especially the part where they break into Sea World.

Some of the things I did not like the book was how underdeveloped Quinten’s best friends were.

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I thought they could have a bigger impact in this book. I also did not like was the obsession Quinten had for Margo. I thought he almost became a servant to her and did everything she told him to do. I thought the middle of the book became a bit boring. Despite the problems of the book, overall I don’t have a lot of problems with the book.

I would recommend my classmates to read the book for many reasons. The first reason is that there is a very good story with well-done description of places and people. It made me feel like I was in the book. Another reason was that John Green, the author of the book made the dialogue as if teens were talking, not like adults, which i think that is a problem with many books for teens. The last reason I would recommend my classmate to read Paper Towns is that it is funny, serious, adventurous, sad, and mysterious all at the same time and it produces a well rounded book. Those are the reasons why my classmates should read Paper Towns, by John Green.

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