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The Mirror They Made: The Painter and The Photographer
Words • 2575
Pages • 11
Two of the most influential artists of the 20th century are Frida Kahlo and Cindy Sherman These artists are iconic for their extensive work in the area of self-portraiture as they redefined the female role. Self-portraiture is the most intimate form of art as it forces its the maker to hold a metaphorical and sometimes literal mirror to their identity. “The artists themselves dictate the terms on which we are invited to judge them,” comments Liz Rideal. By examining the…...
The Hidden Meanings In Frida Kahlo’s Paintings
Words • 1115
Pages • 5
The essay explores the works of Frida Kahlo through the use of the Subjective Frame. It focuses on the self-portraits which capture her personal life experiences of suffering caused not only by her physical injuries but also her psychological pain as a result of her unhappy marriage to Diego Rivera her personal experience made a great impact on the audience as is evident in the following artworks: “Without Hope” produced in 1945, “Self Portrait With Necklace of Thorns” produced in…...
Koeh Sia Yong’s “Persecution” Art Review
Words • 760
Pages • 4
“A picture is worth a thousand words”, this quote is undeniably suited to the scene shown in “Persecution”. I believe “Persecution” fits into the theme of Art and Society as the painting represents the result of political conflict and human selfishness. Society can be defined as a large group of people who live together in an organized way (Cambridge Dictionary, 2019), however, the painting is a stark contrast to that. Where the people in the painting live in chaos. War…...
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Acrobats At The Cirque Fernando
Words • 847
Pages • 4
Produced in another place and time altogether, renowned Parisian painter, Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s "Acrobats At The Cirque Fernando" (1879) shows two real girls, most probably between twelve and fifteen years of age, taking turns to perform their act at the circus (Mancoff). The facial and bodily expressions of the girls and their onlookers are open to any number of interpretations. One of the young girls is carrying balls around her chest while the other is communicating with the audience as part…...
Websites offering Art Paintings for Sale
Words • 415
Pages • 2
Whether one is looking for oil paintings, modern art painting, art gallery oil paintings or replicas of famous oil paintings artists like Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci or any other great painter; internet is the best place to locate them. Still life, landscape, nature, religion, and all other types of subjects done by an oil painting artist are available in the websites offering oil paintings sale. Similarly, replicas of cubism, modernism, imperialism, futurism, surrealism and all other art movements can…...
Van Gogh Starry Night
Words • 923
Pages • 4
Brilliance of Van Gough’s Work The Starry Night Vincent Van Gough is one of the most well known artists of all time, and one of his most popular paintings, The Starry Night, is an expression of his mystical vision. Vincent Willem Van Gogh was born in The Netherlands in 1853, he was a mentally plagued man but in his times of clarity produced works of art that to this day continue to astound people (Frank P. 375). The Starry Night…...
Research Paper About 1660 Rembrandt’ Self Portrait
Words • 1916
Pages • 8
No artist has left a loftier or more penetrating personal testament than Rembrandt van Rijn. In more than 90 portraits of himself that date from the outset of his career in the 1620s to the year of his death in 1669, he created an autobiography in art that is the equal of the finest ever produced in literature even of the intimately analytical Confessions of St. Augustine. 1 Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (15 July 1606– 4 October 1669) was a…...
Paul Cezanne: a great oil painting artist
Words • 407
Pages • 2
Oil paintings are considered to be one of the best mediums of expression in art and Paul Cezanne of one such oil painting artist from France who has been mainly established as Post-Impressionist painter today. The art work oil paintings of Paul were based upon a new perspective. He was a 20th century painter, much ahead in thought process and artistic works as compared to his counterparts. He is often considered as father of all oil paintings artists of his…...
Interpretation of Shadow, Silence and the Sea by A. C. Swinburne
Words • 915
Pages • 4
From what we know about Swinburne's creativity, his poetry is a colourful mixture of philosophical statements, artistically painted images and ubiquitous alliteration. His principal theme in lyric is nature, which is used both as a material for the whole poem and as a detail to introduce other themes and images. Analyzing Shadow, Silence and the Sea, we first see the description of landscape. Swinburne is known to have been fascinated with landscapes, especially water scenes. The poet himself confesses of…...
Christina Rossetti’s “In an Artist’s Studio”
Words • 732
Pages • 3
Christina Rossetti’s poem entitled “In an Artist’s Studio” is a depiction of two characters having connection with one another – the painter and the model. The painter saw different light from the model that he is painting. The model was not a usual woman but an angel or a saint that comes from heaven. He was mesmerized with the captivating aura of the woman who seemed to be simple in the past. Through the painting process, light comes within the…...
Paintings of Courbet and Monet
Words • 1469
Pages • 6
A Burial At Ornans About forty peasant mourners are depicted in this painting by the French painter Gustave Courbet. This work was done between 1849 and1850, around the period of the 1848 French revolution where art became oppositional to the idealistic portrayals of society. Courbet communicated a very insightful reasoning that somewhat introduced his style: “Since art is ideal, anything that is not art must be what is real”. Courbet was a realist painter ; his principles were based on…...
Watercolor Painting: How to do the Basics
Words • 743
Pages • 3
The moment you held the brush and stroke the emotions out on the paper is already an art form of painting. You may feel paralyzed just thinking of taking a brush. The ideas start to sink in and flow out freely and will make you either feel good or frustrates you even more. This is how I feel since the day I tried painting but seeing children doing it without any anxiety and fear of judgment, this is something i…...
The role of art of painting and creativity
Words • 2122
Pages • 9
Introduction Art is the continues creativity river and it kept going till the twenty first century and until the twentieth century, art history goes back to the industrial product to prehistory and it extends to all cultures. The western art has affected the Japanese, josh, Islamic, Afreician, Indian and Chinese art and vice versa. In the newfangled period, the medieval painters worked in the art of the church and the privileged aristocracy. From the Baroque era, the law received private…...
Observing ‘Crucifixion’ by Pietro and Ambrosio Lorenzetti
Words • 521
Pages • 3
The piece of art I chose to write my final essay on is call Crucifixion c. 1350 which was painted by Pietro and Ambrosio Lorenzetti (Italian (Sienese)). It was a gift from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. The lines in this painting appear to be thin and lineless. The colors are very earth toned on the entire painting; however, the red color is the most prominent color. All four people in the painting have on red cloth. The background of…...
Pre-Raphaelite Movement
Words • 1094
Pages • 5
In 1852, John Everett Millais finished a painting that would come to define a movement he had co-founded. 'Ophelia' was a modern masterpiece in Victorian England, and while not always critically acclaimed in its day, the painting went on to define a generation of artists. 'Ophelia' sealed Millais' fate as a leading light within the Pre-Raphaelite circle, however this painting also cemented the face of one 19-year-old model, Elizabeth Siddal, into the minds of the public forever, making her one…...
An analysis of pieces of art
Words • 654
Pages • 3
Section 1 Alma Thomas, White Roses Sing and Sing, 1976, acrylic on canvas, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Bequest of the artist, 1980.36.3 In section one, I chose "White Roses Sing and Sing" by Alma Thomas, which is an acrylic on canvas and created in 1976. Alma Thomas was an African American artist and she had best known as colorful paintings artist. Like I mentioned in the first wiki post of "The Nature and Purpose of Art", Alma had quite a lot of…...
When Does Abstract Expressionism Blend with Action Painting?
Words • 1080
Pages • 5
The point of Elkins (2003) chapter "intuitive stories" is exploration of time and historical art periods. This leads to the investigation of Chinese art and history, on this investigation the artist's diagram suggests that Chinese tradition in art is to take one old period and combine with a new period, the artist puts forward an idea of a western artist may combine Rome with Roman ideas in the Renaissance. On the other hand, another perspective is by an American undergraduate…...
An artist must be creative in order to create a phenomenal cave
Words • 626
Pages • 3
An artist must be creative in order to create a phenomenal cave art; creativity is the use of imaginations in order to create something. Cave painting is a type of parietal arts on the interior of a cave with depictions of animals, cave painting was the most common method of communication around the year 30,000 B.C.E. There were five different kinds of cave art such as hand prints like finger marks, abstract signs, creative painting, engraving and relief sculpture. According…...
Titian and Manet
Words • 814
Pages • 4
At first glance, both paintings seem to be representing the same matter, with the same composition using linear perspective of a naked woman lying on a bed, a pet lying at her foot and one or some helpers behind. The work of Titian represents an erotica goddess, with her glowing charisma, lying comfortably while her left hand covers the private part, provoking audiences to shift their focus from her straight looking eyes toward where her hand places. Its blatant sensual…...
View of Paris and The Grande Galerie of the Musee Du Louvre
Words • 1671
Pages • 7
In this paper two artworks are chosen to give a detailed study of those two by comparing and contrasting them. One of them is View of Paris from the Pont Royal and another one is The Grande Galerie of the Musee Du Louvre. The artwork View of Paris is painted by the famous painter Pierre Antoine Demachy and the second artwork is created by Hubert Robert. The first one is the beautiful painting of Paris city from a specific viewpoint…...
John Byam Liston Shaw’s 1901 oil painting pf ‘the Boer War’ presents
Words • 1003
Pages • 5
John Byam Liston Shaw's 1901 oil painting pf 'the Boer War' presents the theme of loss through the symbolism of birds. Similarly, birds are a recurring figure in the Croatian artist Lonac's work acting to convey a strong emotional message. However, unlike Shaw, Lonac's detailed public murals are primarily executed with spray paint and minimal brushwork, a technique he has self-taught and refined through extensive fieldwork over the years.The time period in which the two artists lived and created during…...
Andy Warholpainting
Words • 847
Pages • 4
Campbell's soup cansWe chose the painting Campbell's soup cans by Andy Warhol also known as 32 Campbell's soup cans. This painting came from the period of pop-art. Pop-art started to come to the surface in the mid 1950's and ended in the late 1970's. Pop-art was created to try to blur the lines between high class art and low culture art. Pop-art bloomed in the period of popular culture which is often known to public as mass media. Pop-art artists…...
Animation of Film Symphonie Diagonale
Words • 1043
Pages • 5
Animation seen by most people today is different from the absolute animations of one hundred years ago. Back then, the new medium was seen as a way to explore the ideas of the avant-garde movement, specifically abstraction. Animators such Oskar Fischinger, Walter Ruttmann, Hans Richter, and Viking Eggeling all sought to visualize sound and elicit emotional responses from their audiences. Viking Eggeling, however, stands out from his peers, as his only surviving animation Symphonie Diagonale was the only early animation…...
A lick of genius Chinese artist creates ink paintings using his TONGUEA
Words • 1026
Pages • 5
A lick of genius: Chinese artist creates ink paintings using his TONGUEA 27-year-old artist from China learns from his family to paint by using tongueDipping his tongue in the coloured ink, he licks and twists to create patternsHe said the tradition can be harmful to his body and should be done carefullyBy Tiffany Lo For Mailonline Published: 02:27 AEDT, 28 April 2017 | Updated: 04:43 AEDT, 28 April 2017 e-mail5shares2View commentsAn artist in China has showcased his painting skills to…...
Usama AL Towaya analysis
Words • 843
Pages • 4
Usama AL TowayaLina ChavesHUM 102017 March 2019Statue of Liberty (1962) by Andy WarholExhibited at Arkansas Arts Center Andy Warhol exhibition (October 26, 2008) An Analysis of Andy Warhol's Statue of Liberty Andy Warhol painted this painting Statue of Liberty in 1962. The painting currently shown at the Arkansas Art Center, but it originally belongs to the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The artist used silkscreen ink, spray enamel and graphite on canvas. The dimensions of the painting are (77…...
Claude Monet’s Impressionism Artwork
Words • 1050
Pages • 5
Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840 in Paris France and was son to Claude Adolphe Monet and Louise-Justine Aubree. Monet, even from a very young age, had always loved to study and practice art and even attended Le Havre, school for the arts at the ripe age of 11. Monet continued to study art for much of his life and even developed his own style of art that was coined Impressionism (Claude Monet Biography).Impressionism is a movement in…...
A History Of The Renaissance Period History
Words • 1466
Pages • 6
The Renaissance was a period in European history marked by a cultural flowering. The Renaissance is defined as the revival or rebirth of the arts. The home of the Renaissance was Italy, with its position of prominence on the Mediterranean Sea. Italy was the commerce capital between Europe and Eurasia, during this time period, from fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. Painters, sculptors, and architects exhibited a similar sense of adventure and the desire for greater knowledge and new solutions.During the Renaissance,…...
Alex Pardee and Modern Painting
Words • 853
Pages • 4
Alex Pardee born and raised in Antioch, California, Alex Pardee is an up and coming artist who is breaking down many figurative aesthetic barriers. With a style molded from years of horror movies, comic books, old school gangster rap, and severe depression and anxiety, Alex’s style is simultaneously horrific and fascinating. Alex’s struggle within himself had a positive outcome that he intends to share with anyone with an open mind, eyes, and ears. At the age of 14, Alex was…...
Art Gallery
Words • 501
Pages • 3
In completion of this assignment the art gallery that I chose to visit was Mark Gallery in Englewood New Jersey. When you walk up to the establishment there are floor to ceiling glass windows that allow you to see everything inside. Facing the gallery there were so many colors that enticed you to enter. The arrangements and art work was spaced out nicely not causing clutter. This allowed you to individually take in each piece on by itself. All of…...
Art Gallery Review
Words • 901
Pages • 4
I went to the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, located on 3275 Industrial road (major cross-street Desert Inn) which opened in August of 2008. At the museum it holds, erotic art, exhibits, different timelines and a lot of illustrated history of erotica. There were many tasteful pieces of artwork, whether it be painting, magazine covers, posters, figures, and sculptures. I was also very excited to have actually seen the piece called “Venus of Willendorf” that is featured in our…...
Art Under Napoleon
Words • 2885
Pages • 12
In 1794 Jacques-Louis David barely escapes death, due to his connections in the revolutionary war. He stood trial and went to prison. After his release he worked hard to reconstitute his career. The highlight of his career is when Napoleon asked Jacques-Louis David to work for him. Of course David accepted. Napoleon knew that David was a very accomplished artist, whom style was Neoclassical-Idealist painter. Napoleon favored painting of the classical times and of the Roman renaissance masters (Kleiner 2006).…...
Cezanne’s Apple Notes and Quotes
Words • 953
Pages • 4
Schapiro’s psychoanalytic approach, that is, his search for the underlying meaning and relevance to the painting, * Thesis: While Schapiro’s argument shows a well-considered analysis of the artist’s life as a source of interpretation of Cezanne’s work, much of it is based on suggestion and fantasy. As in all historical interpretation, Cezanne’s work should be viewed within the context of the artist’s historical and biographical framework, but with a formalist analysis of the works that enables the viewer to interpreted…...
Christ in Majesty
Words • 1208
Pages • 5
Christ in Majesty is one of the world masterpieces wall painting art during Romanesque period. It is a part of the large painting decorated the inside wall of apse at San Climent church, located in Barcelona, Spain. An unknown artist painted it in 1123 CE by using fresco technique (a painting with mixed color and wet plaster on a wall) to create this painting to make it stays lasting. This painting represents Jesus Christ as a ruler of the universe…...
Classic Landscape: Compare and Contrast
Words • 998
Pages • 4
Charles Sheeler. It was painted on a canvas with oil. The First thing to catch my eye in this painting was how defined and straight the lines are. There are lines everywhere in this painting. I really like this painting because it's abstract but not in a way most people would define abstract as. Metaphysical Interior with Bisquits was painted by Giorgio De Chirico in 1916. It was also painted with oil onto a canvas. These two paintings are very…...
Comparing Two Artists
Words • 470
Pages • 2
Magritte uses minimal dull colours though he changes tones within his colours to create shadowy effects and also creates a layered element contributing to line within his artwork; the horizontal layers between the background make the vertical lines of the owls stand out in the foreground of his artwork. Magritte is known to not leave hidden messages within his artwork, cleverly painting the reality he see’s. For this particular symbolic painting Magritte uses oil on canvas, the sharp detail he…...
Comparing Works of Art
Words • 1106
Pages • 5
Art, science and literature all grew tremendously during the Renaissance, led by artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, scientists like Galileo, and writers like Shakespeare. In art, the Renaissance renewed interest in naturalistic styles and formal rules of composition such as perspective. The Greek classical ideals of ideal proportions (for depicting the human body as well as for architecture and painting) also regained popularity. Important artists of the Italian Renaissance were with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Comparing Works…...
Comparison of Paintings
Words • 364
Pages • 2
Leonardo Da Vinci, who painted 'Madonna of the Rocks' in 1485, was very interested in science. He did various studies of plants, water and even controversial studies of the human anatomy where he cut open the deceased to see how the inside of the body works. All this was to provide the perfect naturalistic painting. In the painting 'Madonna of the rocks' his study of water can be seen in Marys hair and there is numerous plants and rocks that…...
Dorian Grey’s Reaction to the Change in the Painting
Words • 1684
Pages • 7
“The Picture of Dorian Grey” by Oscar Wilde, Dorian has a profound reaction each time he views the change in the painting, and he reacts with a self-pitying, vain attitude. Vanity haunts Dorian, and he cares only about how this change in the painting will affect himself and his outer beauty only. At first, Dorian worries about how his treatment of Sibyl Vane will affect the painting. He cares not about the cruel acts he committed, but rather dwells on…...
Girl Before the Mirror
Words • 1019
Pages • 5
The painting by Pablo Picasso “Girl Before the Mirror” was the painting that caught my attention because at first glance I notice a woman adjusting the mirror as she is looking at her reflection; this is something I do every day. I gazed longer at the painting and the woman’s appearance seems to be younger in the mirror, perhaps she is reflecting on her past (youth). The dialogue taking place in this story is with herself as she is reflecting…...
Symbolism in The New Generation by Jan Toorop
Words • 746
Pages • 3
The New Generation was created by Jan Toorop in 1892. It falls within his familiar territory of mixing realism and various cultures. This painting is thus full of symbolism, a characteristic that has become synonymous with Toorop’s paintings. In this portrait, a baby girl seated on a chair is at the focal point of the drawing. She is surrounded by what looks like a mysterious garden with unconcealed gnarled roots and falling branches. Behind her is a house that is…...
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Watercolor Painting: How to do the Basics may feel paralyzed just thinking of taking a brush again. It's so hard to paint something, and you don't want to make a fool of yourself! But the truth is, it's very easy to paint. Children do it, don't they? Children don't think about the future...
When Does Abstract Expressionism Blend with Action Painting?
...The answer to the earlier posed question is Jackson Pollock and that again is in his technique of working on large scale canvas and literally throwing himself on to the canvas. There is a quote from Pollock that relates to his use of technique which ...
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