Online Shop System Problem Statement Essay

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Online Shop System Problem Statement

Customer can browser through the product catalog and add the items to shopping cart. He can proceed to checkout as long as his shopping cart is not empty. Customer will require to login to the system when he proceed to checkout, or he can create an account if he not yet have one. The order will charge to the credit card registered in customer’s account.

Customer need to provides full name, email address, phone number, credit card and billing address details when creating an account. Customer can login to the system to maintain his account information, such as changing phone number, address, and credit card details, and check the status of his orders. Upon order received, the sales staff will process the order by charge to customer’s credit card. Once the order has been charged, he will then mark the order as paid and pass to courier company and deliver them to customer. If the items customer ordered is out of stock, then the order will mark as on hold. Once the item(s) arrived, the order will pass to courier company for delivery. Courier company will pack the item with standard packaging, but if the order is marked as gift, then the the items will pack as gift.

If the items arrived with damage, customer can return it by register in the online shop. Courier company will collect the item from customer and sales staff will refund the money for that item. Marketing staff responsible to maintain the product catalog. He can also setup the promotion item list and send promotion email to customer.

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