Nike as One of the Largest Sports Companies in the World

One of the largest sports companies in the world is a brand called Nike which is a multinational corporation. The company started near Beaverton, Oregon by "University of Oregon track athlete Philip Knight and his coach Bill Bowerman in 1964" and it was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports ("Nike Company Background", 2016). The first pairs of shoes were given to one of his athletes that Bowerman coached and they were made from waffle iron. Their shoes didn't have much support at all when they were first making them; however, it was better than other shoes that athletes were wearing.

After some time BRS decided they would launch their own line of footwear "which would bear the Swoosh newly designed by Carolyn Davidson" ("Nike Company Background", 2016). After the swoosh was created, that is when Nike got its new name brand and started creating ads of "Just do it" which started their successful company. Nike produces a wide range of equipment which initially started with running shoes, to clothing for everyone of all ages, sports gear, shoes for other sports and more.

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Additionally, the company also owns Converse and Hurley. Nike has been a well-known company for a very long time and there company has had tremendous success from its improvement throughout the years. It has been shown that Nike "sources product from 525 contract factories that together employ more than 1 million workers across 41 countries" ("Frequently Asked Questions"). There are more than 1000 Nike stores around the world now which allows for consumers all around the world to have access to try on their items instead of making online purchases.

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Furthermore, Nike has As well Nike is very conscious about who the majority of their customers are and how it has been changing over the years. For example, Nike was initially seen as a brand that was for athletes of young ages to middle-aged adults. However, now I feel that Nike primarily targets consumers who are between the ages of 15-40 yet they have expanded to reach younger children as well. Nike has allowed the company to grow to appeal to all types of consumers who may not be athletes; however, they enjoy the look of a pair of shoes or like the mission statement and idea about the company.

Nike interests many different types of consumers for many different reasons based on their personality and their interests. For example, for young athletes, Nike may be the brand they buy because they need certain gear for their sport and like Nike better than other companies. Or if an older dad just likes getting workout gear to lounge in or occasionally workout in he might always choose Nike because he enjoys how the material feels compared to others. There are many different reasons for why people choose Nike over other top sports companies and it varies from person to person. However, I am going to explain why I love the company so much compared to other companies that create sports gear.

I have always been an athlete since I was young by doing gymnastics, dance, soccer, volleyball, and baseball before sports started in middle school. I was always a very active child and had worn Nike gear and clothing growing up for playing. However, it wasn't until the beginning of my junior year that I realized how impressive Nike was as a company. Before my junior year of high school, I made the decision to start cross country at my school to try it out, so I needed to get a pair of running sneakers. Before I started cross country I never understood the concept of why running sneakers need to be supportive and why there were so many different kinds for different types of feet. I had always just bought a pair that was the cheapest and had the most support when I was participating in other sports and i didn't care about the brand or the style. However, the time came when I was deciding what sneakers i needed for cross country, and my coach and my teammates recommended the Nike Pegasus 32 sneakers for long-distance running. After hearing these recommendations I asked other runner friends and did some research myself and found out that the Nike Pegasus 32 sneakers were one of the most popular sneakers for training running. I can remember when I got my first pair and they fit perfectly to my narrow feet. I was amazed at how well they felt and was pleased that when I started running, I felt so much better in them compared to other sneakers I would use for my other sports. I was also surprised at how well they lasted considering at that time I would only need a new pair after every season usually. After buying my first pair of quality running sneakers at Nike, I had developed a love for the company and their products. I found myself buying more and more running clothes for all types of seasons from Nike because it is seen as a very quality company for runners especially. I also was more drawn to the company because I follow many Olympic medalist runners and they are all mainly sponsored by Nike which persuaded me to buy more items from Nike as well. At practice, many of my team members and coach were always dressed in Nike gear and were always discussing the new gear or sneakers coming out soon. I was always intrigued by my teammates and coach that I was persuaded to buy more Nike gear to feel more apart of the team and "fit in" with my teammates. Even though there were other teammates that didn't wear Nike gear, I loved the style of the clothing and sneakers that I wanted the majority of my running clothes to be from Nike. I think I enjoy the company so much because it has a great message of going after your goals and to "just do it". Additionally, I thoroughly enjoy their advertisements and commercials that I see all the time which always inspires me to stay strong and keep working hard to achieve my goals even if I'm having a hard time. Their company inspires many to feel the same way and I think that is really admirable. After high school, I continued to buy Nike products continuing into college. However, after becoming a division athlete on the cross country and track team at Manhattan College, I was given Asics running sneakers to wear instead of Nike. This was a change for me and personally I decided just to stick with my Nike Pegasus 32 because I knew they worked well with my feet and my training. However, the Pegasus 32 discontinued at Nike and are now only available on Amazon or Ebay. Nike tried improving their previous Pegasus 32 running sneaker by creating the Pegasus 33, 34, 35 and 36. At first I was skeptical to try these new updated sneakers from my original pegasus 32 sneakers; however, they felt better and allowed my feet to have more cushion while running. Nike has always shown me that their company products are exceptional and always achieve or exceed my expectations. I enjoy purchasing products from Nike because I feel like I am apart of a great community of people that love and enjoy Nike as much as me. Nike also has great customer service whenever I go to a Nike store. Every time I have shopped at a Nike store the employees are always willing to help me and find me the best product that I am looking for. Additionally, if I ever have to exchange a pair of shoes or clothing that was a gift to me; they are so helpful and never worry if I don't have a receipt with me. The employees are always willing to exchange my sneakers for another pair that fits me without any trouble which is always great. Nike really provides great service to their customers which makes them more likely to shop there again. I also love Nike because it can be worn by so many different types of people now. Nike is known for being an athletic company however, many of their products and sneakers now are more trendy to wear on a daily basis instead of for activity. The company is expanding their products which allows more people to enjoy their company. Furthermore, Nike is a company that I love because I watch the Olympics and other professional world races around the world with athletes I admire. Many of these athletes are sponsored by Nike and are apart of the Bowerman Running Track Club, which is sponsored by Nike. I have always been inspired by this group of professional runners on the club because they are each unique and they run different events. As well, the club is always expanding and incoming new members to the group and they all work hard together to achieve big goals such as medaling in the Olympics. I am inspired by Nike to one day run on the Bowerman Track Club with professional runners as well and work hard to achieve my goals while wearing Nike gear when I train. When there is a lot of history specifically running history-related towards a company like Nike, it attracts more consumers to the company. As well, Nike has been around for a long time and has continued to expand and create new products to keep people interested.

I think Nike has such good behavior and feedback from their consumers because of how well they adapt and attract a variety of different customers. Nike has such a legacy for such a long time of being one of the best companies for athletes of all sports for wearing their products. As well, I think so many people enjoy Nike because their products are mainly all high-quality items and last for a while. People also enjoy feeling like they are apart of the Nike community when they wear all their Nike gear. For example, I think that even if some people don't wear Nike or don't take the time to prioritize buying Nike products; They will soon have co-workers or friends that are wearing Nike and they will want to buy Nike. Also when the majority of your peers in school or in your community own Nike gear and you are constantly surrounded by it, you are more likely to purchase Nike products because of your environment. Especially now that Nike is marketing to younger children to get them involved in sports and being active; Nike helps kids fit in with their friends because they think Nike is one of the best brands. People always tend to want to "fit in" with their group of friends making them more likely to choose Nike sneakers over Adidas sneakers because their friends all have Nike sneakers. Furthermore, Nike has a lot of quality products however other companies might have similar products for less but people will most likely still choose Nike because they know the company and have a history with them or have heard that they are a superior company. Also Nike has great customer service which persuades more people to purchase from their company because they know they will be helped if they have any problems with their purchases. I think Nike has great customer feedback and they keep gaining customers because their products are attracting more types of people. Their company does an outstanding job at creating advertisements and commercials to attract their audience about new products coming. As well I think their advertisements and commercials are a major factor for why so many people enjoy their company and their products. Nike has created many memorable and inspiring commercials and ads that inspire every person to go in the world and achieve their own goals and just do it. When they advertise their products, they know what kind of content persuades people to buy more of their products which is why they are very successful. Nike creates advertisements that relate to every person in the world and how we all have our own daily struggles, but that we shouldn't make excuses for ourselves because there are people who are Olympic runners and don't have legs yet they are still doing what they love. Nike creates content that inspires people to go after what they want and feel inspired to buy their gear because of how inspired and motivated they feel when they wear Nike gear. Nike has created a well-known company and I know it will continue to gain customers and develop new products to attract their audience.

Nike is a company that is very significant to my life and has helped me become the athlete and person I am today. When I wear Nike I feel more determined, motivated, and ready to achieve my goals and work hard at practice to one day become a professional runner for Nike. The company has been one of my favorite brands for running wear and sneakers for a while and I see this company being a company that I will continue to purchase from in my future.


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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

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