Since 2013 Carter's is known to be one of the largest retail

Since 2013 Carter’s is known to be one of the largest retail sellers in apparel exclusively for babies and young children. (Carters Numerator) Carters Inc. markets under several brands including the original Carter’s brand, OshKosh B’Gosh, and Skip Hop as well. Carters Inc. also markets private labels that are usually in partnership and sold at other retail company locations like Walmart and Target. Their primary products consist of newborn clothing, sleepwear, and playwear. However, aside from their extended sister brands, Carter’s clothing caters to an older demographic of children from newborn to 14 years old and predominantly younger mothers.

Their mission is to provide trendier clothes at a higher quality and price point of items beginning its retail sale price at $18.00.

Carters operates about 850 Carters stores in the US as the being of their flagship store is located in Atlanta Georgia. However, one of the store locations I visited was located in Alameda Ca at the South Shore Center.

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In regards to its physical appearance, the building is pantied to fit the color palette in which the center’s management mandates. Therefore though the white eggshell color may seem bland the color itself gives the outside appearance a fresh modern look. Almost resembling a grand opening store. The staff at this particular location does not operate its business like your normal retail clothing store. It is important to remember that this is a family store in which at times parents may be shopping with their newborn child. Environmental wise the staff is very welcoming and with the soft instrumental music playing it creates a very calming shopping experience.

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In addition to the interior design, the wooden look gives the store layout a very sophisticated and modern feeling which makes you feel as if you were shopping at a real high-end baby store. Also with the spacious layout, the merchandise is well spread out, organized, and color-coordinated according to the different styles.

Over the years our generations have slid into parental at a younger age giving Carter’s an advantage to increase and retain brand loyalty. The company has done this by building a stronger foundation with social media to expand its marketing strategies. Also, Carter’s has since opened multichannel offerings to ensure an easier experience with optimizing its website for smartphones and launching an interactive Carters shopping app. Marketing efforts have also included a new reward scheme, Rewarding Moments, which has been a success: In 2018, the majority of US retail sales were made to members of the scheme. (Reuters) However, younger parents aren’t only targeted and according to a numerator snapshot for Carter’s Inc the primary shopper’s gender is predominantly female in the age group ranging from 25-34 years old of an Asian or Hispanic descent who makes a yearly income of 60k-100k. This targeted group also has an average college degree who also has kids themselves.

Surprisingly Carters does not use many mannequins throughout their store. An observation I noted was that they are experimenting more with digital marketing such as large photos, creative and fun posters throughout the store than actual visual displays. For the few toddlers like mannequins, I did see they were usually paired together and standing on a display table dressed in an outfit which then that outfit would be nearby. As I previously mentioned in a past assignment this type of technique is a great marketing strategy. This allows the customer to quickly locate the whole outfit without causing confusion or hesitation to bother an associate and ask for help. My biggest suggestion at this point and time is that the company itself reevaluates there visual merchandising standards. Unfortunately, it was disappointing to see the lack of merchandising throughout and out of the store. For example, the window displays had large photos hung of babies faces and honestly that is not okay. It is 2019 and the company has plenty of resources to use now with the advancement of technology, therefore, it’s time to start getting a little more creative than that.

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