Elevating Customer Service: Nordstrom's Strategy

1. How else can Nordstrom continue to provide exceptional customer service and increase brand loyalty? Every retail company should want to strive to distribute great customer service. Customer service is basically the way employees interact with customers. Good customer service to me is greeting me with a smile when I enter the store, ask is there anything that I need assistance with, upon checking out ask if I found everything ok and welcome me back to shop in that store again. I hate going into stores where the sells representatives do not acknowledge customers when entering the store.

I also feel it is rude for employees to hold personal conversations with other employees in front of customers. Personal telephone conversations are not good characteristics for good customer service. I think every company that works with the public should require their employees to take customer service classes as a prerequisite before starting on the job. The customer service field can be challenging at times, especially when dealing with irate customers.

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Employees must always remember to maintain the customer is always right mentality.

Nordstrom has been acknowledged on numerous occasions about their exceptional customer service. It’s evident that Nordstrom is above average with their customer service skills. My suggestion for the company is to keep doing whatever it is they are doing. My philosophy is if it’s not broke than don’t fix it. Build personal relationships with loyal customers. This will help you be able to assist the customer with their shopping needs and you would be able to make recommendations to them on new merchandise.

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Nordstrom already provides a friendly, comforting environment which will automatically draw the customer back into the store.

It is important for the customer to know that the focus is on them. It is suggested that Nordstrom can increase brand loyalty lowering the point and spending requirements for tier loyalty program. Nordstrom’s loyalty program engages customers and provide genuine benefits to frequent buyers. Loyalty customers are given early access to sales, free tailoring and other discounts. Their tier program encourages customers to remain loyal by encouraging them to spend more in order to gain further benefits. References Conniff, Megan. (2012). Customer Service is Changing, and So is Nordstrom.

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2. What are Nordstrom’s greatest risk, and who are it biggest competitors? Every retail business will eventually face risk in the industry. One of the greatest risk Nordstrom may face is economic slowdown.

The economic depression has caused a decline in consumers spending habits. Job layoffs are causing consumers to cut back on spending and several retail companies are noticing the cutback with their decline in sales. The rise in gas prices and energy cost are affecting household disposable income. Nordstrom’s credit line may be another risk factor that the company could face. Job cutbacks may cause consumers to go into debt with credit cards. Some of Nordstrom’s biggest competitors are Nieman Marcus, Limited, Gap and Abercrombie & Fitch Co.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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