Nonverbal Communication and Communication Methods

Communication is the act of conveying messages, ideas or opinion either in the form of sending or receiving. Communication may vary from person from person their will be a great impact on individual physical and mental health. It may vary from their ability to communicate. Physical and mental wellbeing may affect in specific ways to make themselves understand and express to others without their changing their meaning. As a care worker it is vital to communicate to our service users with different health conditions which may affect the way they express themselves.

My main role is to approach each and every individual positively. The main focus should be to remember every service user has different individuality so the communication needs may alter. As a care worker main aim is to understand each person and their conditions and how it affects their communication.

For example: Hearing impairment: if the service user has partial or fully deaf it is difficult to hear what each person is saying or if someone isn't facing them properly or if two of them is speaking in the same time which may affect their group activity or social life.

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Visual impairment : difficulty to see the person will find it difficult to participate in group activity they can't see properly or it's hard to understand the message from non-verbal communication like gestures and body languages. Physical condition like cerebral palsy, dementia, depression people suffering these conditions communicate in different ways. Their needs may change.

Evaluate how own behaviour impacts on communications with an individual who has specific communication needs: As a care worker my duty is to make sure that use effective way of communication methods with individuals with specific communication needs.

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I will work in a person-centred way to supports them. I always keep my behaviour towards my client in a positive manner so that makes them approach effectively. I will always speak clearly and try to avoid gestures and body languages. And always be a good listener and treating with them respect and dignity. I know if I behave negatively that may effect their communication needs either they may not express their needs or they may become angry.

Analyse features of the environment that may help or hinder communication. The environment that may help communications are space and location of the environment such as private place (meeting rooms) to communicate, feel comfortable and relax in the environment to communicate genuinely. Should be feel enough space to be communicate (as own personal space not to close or listen properly temperature and lightening in the environment like too hot or cold atmosphere may affect communication, comfortable environment may feel more able to relax so it will help to interact easily and affectively with each other. Well-lit environment creates warm atmosphere that is more help to lead effective communication it also helps individual to understand the sign language if they are using it. Barriers in the environment: environment should be free from distractions ( noise) it will be help to communicate effectively.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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