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"Nineteen Eighty - Four" Analysis

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Analysis, Pages 5 (1244 words)



Analysis, Pages 5 (1244 words)

The novel would be purely as same as other political novels without the presence of Julia who created the climax for chains of later problems. She is a young girl, twenty-six years old, worked at the Fiction Department of Ministry of Truth. Besides, she was a member of the Junior Anti-Sex League. Orwell developed Julia’s characteristics opposing to Winston’s ones. While Winston paid whole attention to social matters on extent scale, Julia just enjoyed the best time of her life (…).

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With these differences, so what made them be together? It was their same idea. Both of them shared the detestation towards totalitarianism society which prevented people’s freedom and love expression, Winston himself was a victim as well. Because of the similar thought and personality, Julia was confident to express her affection to Winston. Julia appeared with dark hair and an injured hand when Winston was going to the water closet. The distance between them was about four meters, she suddenly fell on the floor.

No matter how by accident or on purpose she fell, she got Winston’s attention. When he came to help her, she gave him an alluring gaze “that looked more like fear than pain”. It can be said that with charming eyes, she left the first impression on him. Winston started the conversation, his question seemed to push her from an active position into a passive one. She replied in mild voice with the color change on the face. After that, she stood up, made sure, “It’s nothing” and left with thanks.

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Her action was easily understood because of the appearance of telescreen that restricted their comfort in the conversation. However, necessity is the mother of invention, in such a short period of time, Julia quickly passed a paper with the message “I LOVE YOU” to Winston. From that, the clearest explanation for her above actions was revealed. From the fall the look to the content in the paper, all were prepared carefully and intentionally. “It’s nothing” just was deceitfulness. The initiative in love of Julia reminds us of Thuy Kieu in “A tale of Kieu” (Nguyen, n.d), the Vietnamese greatest poet. From the first sight, Kieu fell in love with Trong. Like Winston and Julia, they also had to face many difficulties caused by feudalism at that time. Moreover, Vietnam – a Confucian society, women were strongly criticized for their behaviors in love instead of men (Nguyen, 2002 cited in Rato, 2007). Nevertheless, instead of accepting the fate and the absence of parents, Kieu came to Trong’s house twice times. Kieu’s and Julia’s actions are clear justification for woman’s activeness in love, despite obstructions from society, they still find true love for themselves.

A week has gone by since the day Julia showed her affection, she did not appear. Would she have changed her mind? Must she have changed her mind? Or is it the way she enhanced the value of herself? Or was it simply a woman’s shyness after declaring feelings to the lover? It is true that both explanations are rational. “The day after”, “The next day” and “The following day”, they finally faced each other but they could not talk because of the existence of telescreen and the interruption of their friends. By listing phrases about time, Orwell emphasized how frequent they met as well as the desire of meeting between them. Truly, in love, lovers can understand mutual thoughts without saying. Julia realized Winston’s intention so she made a sign by always sitting at one place in the canteen. After many times, they had a chance. During the conservation, they talked by soft voice without tone or looking at each other. Moreover, only keywords such as “What time?” and “Nineteen hours” were contained in questions and answers. Through using simple and short words, Orwell reflected the urgency as well as their worries. At appointed place, Julia “had immediate charge of the situation” like the way she did at the canteen, again emphasized her activeness and vivaciousness. Like the previous conservation, her voice was “a mere murmur”, it could “easily drowned by the din of voices and the rumbling of the trucks” at Victory Square. The onomatopoeic “murmur” “rumbling” and hyperbole were successfully used to indicate Julia’s carefulness at such a public place. Tellingly, that a complex sentence was divided into many small parts with uncomplicated words to give direction for Winston continued showing the pressure about the time between them. With a few minutes, it was high time for them to part, however, at the last moment, Julia gave “a fleeting squeeze” for Winston’s hand. This could be understood as her goodbye for him or more was the initiative of Julia, she really desired to meet her lover and satisfy her sexual demand as well.

By developing the character of Winston and Julia as well as depicting the strict conditions of a totalitarian society, Orwell created a special love story at that time. From this story, the author expressed his opinion about love, love gives invisible strength for lovers to overcome every difficulties and obstacle and come together. Moreover, in “Nineteen Eighty- Four”, the appearance of reality and human values are profoundly performed. Though human values dimension is regarded as destruction in this political satire fiction, it is not true if stating that no human is implicated. This shared the same viewpoint with Goodall (2012) from the University of South Queensland, he pointed out that the concept of “human” to the proles which was hardly referred to in Orwell’s previous novels, could be conclusively found in “Nineteen Eighty- Four” with equivocal opinions. It is probable that Julia’s appearance in Winston’s timeline brings noticeable human values for the whole chapter. Now that Winston or Chi Pheo totally had no choices for their lives in such a strict society, therefore, authors skillfully arranged for women stepping into their life as fleeting happiness but make their life more colorful than ever. Besides humanity, reality values are shown more. However, these two values exist in the mutual relationship as Orwell mentioned in his novel, “Reality exists in the human mind, not nowhere else”. Therefore, there is a reality in humans which is trust between Winston and Julia gave for each other and human in reality which only seems to be true in “Nineteen Eighty – Four” but it has become the truth these years. With the spread of the Internet and other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube which are regarded as current telescreens following all huge numbers of online citizens. Moreover, political issues and the metaphor with three countries Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia are turning out to predict for separation and conflicts among continents and super- nations in the modern world. According to Tamura (2017) in The New York Times, the way Ministry of Truth in this fiction changed the true information had the similarity in the president selection of the United States when true numbers coming to Donald J. Trump’s inauguration were fixed much higher on press and Ms. Conway- Trump’s consultant called it a different reality. In conclusion, “Nineteen Eighty – four” in general as well as the chapter . One brings to readers with the beauty of love and a message of bravery for devoting in love no matter how many roadblocks could have. Despite their love did not last long because of O’ Brien’s detection, at least, in those short times, they were truly heartfelt and had every confidence in each other.

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