My Opinion: Adnan Syed Is Not Guilty

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Would you not feel that everybody should be fairly judged on the charge of an offence? Approximately 20 years ago, on 13 January 1999, Adnan Syed was charged with manual choking of the young woman named Hae Min Lee Min Lee at Woodland high school around Baltimore. Adnan Syed alleged said to Jay a friend of his, that he would murder her Jay said Now since police recovered Hae Min Lee's dead body, Jay was determined to going to authorities and eventually his witness statements towards Adnan Syed was used by the state of Maryland.

The writer Sarah Koenig, an investigator who went forward into considering that Adnan Syed is harmless, developed a podcast called “Serial” I assume Adnan Syed was not guilty due to Jays excessive story and when he was changing facts it also made him look unfaithful, Adnan Syed had no time to kill Hae Min Lee and he was supposed to already have killed Hae Min Lee at the very same time he was also at the school library.

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Firstly, Adnan Syed was not guilty since the version of Jay is still untrustworthy. Once Jay switched on Adnan Syed for the murder of Hae Min Lee, he told police much about what transpired, such as where they went as well as what occurred on January 13, 1999. Jay Wilds shifts several specifics details when questioned around the same questions a little ago. Normally we don't make false accusations to the police and just state the obvious whenever the people are questioned by police.

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Because Jay exaggerated and lied about what occurred, key facts could also have been withheld that might alter the case view of the law. Jay's mixed reactions to the detective’s interviews were criticized by Sarah Koenig. In Adnan Syed's trunk, Jay claimed that he saw the corpse of Hae Min Lee. He also may have lied on some other aspects of that same killing that can demonstrate the legitimacy of Adnan Syed. The innocence of Adnan Syed can be presumed probable because the principal witness has claimed inaccurate information towards him, and therefore, Adnan Syed cannot be kept accountable on behalf of Jay.

Jay also said that in addition to the way Adnan Syed took to kill Hae, that would have given Adnan Syed little to no time at all to kill Hae Sarah Koenig is informed by Adnan Syed how long it usually takes to even get out of high school after the last bell. Then you would enter the high school parking garage, but the parking space is surrounded by the high school bus loop and you can't pick up your car till the bus fills up with students and leaves. Adnan Syed says he usually had to wait to board the busses which would take approximately 10-15 minutes after he left high school. It might take Adnan Syed a while to find Hae Min Lee and go into her car if 1500 students are going to go out of the school. 21 minutes is too little time for Hae Min Lee to kill with everything he had to do after class. Sarah is testing the route to see how long the whole storyline really takes. Adnan Syed had to execute Hae Min Lee in a trunk and nobody saw in the open car park in the full daylight. Also, because Hae Min Lee was athletic, she'd probably struggle if she were strangled by Adnan Syed. There are also too many road faults, and Adnan Syed would not have taken so many chances. Nevertheless, Adnan Syed didn’t kill Hae min Lee since it took longer than 21 minutes and it didn't carry out the plan properly with too many risks. Adnan Syed were in the post-school library when he had supposedly killed Hae min Lee.

The police knew Adnan Syed was a person with no concrete evidence to link him to the killing. Surely the best proof that the police would have proving Adnan guilty was cell phone records, testimony by Jay Wilds, a purpose to kill Hae and Syed's inability to have an alibi. Investigators would use the call records to track Lee's killing the day of. The only scenario that could emerge from the cops is that Adnan Syed would kill Lee because he was such a jealous and crazy old boyfriend the testimony of Jay Wilds was not enough evidence to link Adnan Syed to the Hae Lee murder because it continently kept changing in detail. Apparently, Adnan Syed had an alibi that a woman named Asia McClain saw him in the high school library right before he went track practice, but his attorney could not interrogate her. Asia McClain would later after Adnan Syed got convicted and sent to jail would send him a letter saying that I say you in the library the day and time of Hae Min Lee supposed time of death. All such four documents show next to no physical proof of Adnan Syed's murder of Lee. The key question of who has really managed to kill Hae We discover in Serial that Jay Wilds has resisted key evidence from the cops. Jay Wilds had hidden some clothes back, and some shovels that was used in the murder of Hae Min Lee Why hasn't he ever been a suspect when the authorities knew that Jay Wilds had manipulated with proof? A man remains his innocent until this day and serves punishment for an offense which he could not have executed.

On the other hand, people might say that Adnan Syed was overwhelmed by their split up and showed his frustration by killing her. Some reports also said he felt terrible when Adnan Syed split with Hae Min Lee. Adnan might have been envious of Hae's new boyfriend Don. Her actions might have showed that it broke his heart and that he should not be treated that way, and that it was incredibly wrong. Hae friends recall Hae saying to Adnan she was standing and looking at him saying she didn't like him and that she could be so cold hearted, and she told that just playing. This proof shows he loved Hae Min Lee a lot and must have been really angry at her for the split. As he could have been insane, he could have felt as though he had destroyed everything thorough his personal actions and he may have just been out of control. While many others say that Adnan Syed was very ordinary about breaking up and, as he was a player, he had gone after many other women after he split with Hae.

The evidence indicates that Adnan Syed had a breakup with Hae Min Lee but went out with many girls including Anjali and Nisha after the breakup. Trying to go out with other girls is typically not sign of a mental breakdown after a relationship. He wouldn't even have a reason to murder Hae Min Lee because he usually broke up and pursued other girls after. The fact that Adnan Syed has no motive for killing Hae Min Lee and is results from the breakup makes Adnan innocent.

Ultimately, Adnan Syed is not guilty, and this argument is backed by many factors. In all, Adnan Syed was a smart guy who did all he could as a high schooler. He did not merit the poor treatment he was treated in his trial as a typical teen. The courts perception of 21 minutes, he was reported to have killed Hae Min Lee, had almost no opportunity. He should be given a hearing to see if he qualifies to be released. Adnan Syed is therefore not guilty since the testimony of Jay has not been credible, and Adnan Syed has not been able to kill Hae Min Lee within just 21 minutes, and Adnan Syed was there at the High school library with an alibi to justify this claim.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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