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My Impression Of Art Museum

Categories A Visit To A Museum, Museum, Painting

Essay, Pages 3 (518 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (518 words)

My visit to the museum along with my friend (Reggie, Hui, and Thomas) was great. On Friday of March 21st I had the chance to visit the notorious Art Museum of Philadelphia. The Museum building is majestic and it has many other buildings like it. It seemed as if it was made solely of glass and it was about 3-4 stories tall with only glass. The building is a great attraction. It is so great because it has flyers with the name on it and also it had flags with the name and which one was the main building.

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When my friends and I entered the main building we were introduced to a Russian tour guide, who showed us a painting of “Snow” by John Twachtman. The guide had said that John has made many paintings before he died like “Round hill road” which looks exactly like “Snow” but it was created for different scenery. The building was divided into many sections for each period of time for various artists in history.

First of all, we saw images like “Flower abstractions”, and landscapes like “From the Schuylkill to the Hudson”.

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The museum as a whole has been divided into many compartments, mainly: Sculpture, paintings, landscapes and Historical figures. In the sculpture section, there was a sculpture of people and famous people of the past. In the Painting sections there were many of paintings which I didn’t understand, which was the main goal of the artist “ to confuse the viewers. Landscape section mainly displayed a kamikaze plane which “ crashed” and “From the Schuylkill to the Hudson”. There was text in different languages which were also displayed in the sculpture and Historical figure sections. Paintings and, murals were the eye-catcher in the painting and Historical sections. We saw ancient paintings, royal paintings,and great sculptures.

Paintings of different periods of time made us see what the artistic skills of the Artists was, if it was ahead of their time period or if it was just plain. It was very interesting to see the historic Snow and Flower abstractions paintings in one corner of the museum right next to each other, considering that both artists were from different time periods and they both do their paintings differently. We also enjoyed the view of from the 3rd or 4th floor, we were high up in the building sitting on seats looking at the people below.

The view started to make me question if it were an art piece itself because everything was glass so I didn’t have to go inside to view it but while inside staring at people it added a glossy effect to them. Throughout the whole building, there was a tree, this tree standing where the stairs were at and the stairs didn’t have a railing just the branches of the tree. I felt as if the tree was real because it had so many characteristics to be a tree accept it was a sculpture. I didn’t get to learn about the tree because at this time everyone wanted to leave the museum so we could go eat.

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