Mrs. Dalloway's Post-Traumatic Syndrome Disorder

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Most people don’t even know what a trigger warning is or even the importance of using trigger warning in school classrooms, but by having a simple trigger warning it can keep a student's well-being safe. Trigger warnings are beneficial to students in a classroom such as those who may have gone through traumatic experiences in life. It can help prepare them for any harsh topic that can trigger a reaction when dealing with depression, PTSD, etc.

Throughout certain studies in classrooms or certain books that may be read, strong topics may come up such as suicidal.

It has been stated, 'The examination of suicidal tendencies in Mrs Dalloway may trigger painful memories for students suffering from self-harm,'. This reflects how without trigger warnings when a teacher teaches a strong topic it will affect a student's well-being and cause them to rethink a difficult movement they once or is going through. Therefore, if a student's well-being and mental state is being triggered this will then start to affect their learning.

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More importantly the student would no longer feel comfortable in a learning area such as a classroom. In addition to this, it was also mentioned that “warning their students which sections or volumes of a book possess triggering material and which are safer to read.” Which indicates that if trigger warnings would be used it would benefit all students from reading something that may affect them.

Furthermore, by having trigger warnings in a learning area such as classrooms (in this case a college classroom) it would help women mentally prepare themself or simply have the chance to walk out of the classroom if they don’t feel it’s safe for them to hear or watch the certain event.

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It was commented, “understanding that lots of women are sexual assault survivors, lots of women read feminist blogs, and graphic descriptions of rape might lead to panic attacks or other reactions”. This implies that without trigger warnings for the topic of rape and sexual assaults it would affect mostly women who have gone through these by causing them to contract a emotional reaction. Which means you can simply avoid all these affecting problems by having an easy solution such as trigger warnings.

Moreover, it's important to have trigger warnings in a classroom for the simple fact it's better to avoid the problem of having a student react in an abnormal way. It was stated, ‘’There is no doubt that people with PTSD do face distressing and automatic symptoms in which they re-experience their trauma. These 'intrusion' symptoms are common in PTSD, and they are frequently caused by external reminders, some of which might occur in a classroom.” This explains how trigger warnings are essential in a classroom because without them students will have these reactions from certain reminders. So once again why not save a student from a dangerous reaction by having a solution as trigger warnings?

On the other hand, most people strongly disagree with having trigger warnings in classrooms/college. The number one reason why people mostly disagree with trigger warnings is because they feel it would be “babying” the students. It was expressed, “I worry that, by giving in to requests for trigger warnings, professors are telling this new generation of students that they need to be coddled.” Which further shows that people don’t want students to feel it's okay to always ask for help, or expect for someone to help them in a situation they can’t handle on their own. The problem is that by having trigger warnings it’s not “babying” a student, it's just helping a person who has emotional/and or mental challenges. People also view trigger warnings as an issue due to the fact life itself is hard and doesn’t come with a warning or caution tape around it. It was stated, “This is the real world and bad things happen. Caring for those affected by these topics is also a necessity.”

“If someone is so shocked that they couldn’t deal with readings, they should really be seeking help professionally and not take the class at this time.” Which establishes, how In the real word, no one sits and takes the time to think about your feelings and how certain things may affect others. So we shouldn’t use trigger warnings to help students feel protected and safe during something so simple such as a class lesson. Now if a student is so easily affected then they should take it upon themself to seek professional help. However, these trigger warnings are only being asked to be used in a classroom/learning setting to help students go about their day easier, students should have the right to feel safe and comfortable in their own classroom regardless of what type of personal issues they may have.

After all is said and done, having trigger warnings are one of the most important things that needs to take place in classroom settings. We need to start thinking about students who suffer PTSD, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc. and start completing their needs. A School can’t just all be about learning, sometimes teachers just can’t only be teachers, it comes down to actually caring about how a person will be strongly affected by a certain topic.

Updated: Nov 21, 2022
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