Moral Individualism and Killing Animals

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From the perspective of moral individualism killing a sentient animal is not always permissible even if it's painless. Animals are living creatures too, and they deserve to live. Some labs use animal testing to see what would happen to them, animals cannot speak for themselves and cannot consent to such testing. Especially not if they have already tested another animal with the same virus because they would get the same results and they would have killed animals to learn something they already had.

Moral individualism implies that there are some circumstances in which one should favor the life of an intelligent primate over that of a human baby. I don't agree with this, I think that if it were down to those two choices that life of the baby would be chosen because most likely that baby will have his parents waiting for him. And I think they would bring it down to the baby will eventually be a part of the society and the primate won't.

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Moral individualism implies that this is true just like the example of the law student and the rabbit the rabbit will not be able to become a lawyer, but the student can eventually get into law school and become a lawyer.

Some similarities between negative and positive emotions are that you will always remember how each made you feel, and you will always remember what brought you that emotion. Some differences between the two are that negative emotions make you feel depressed, lonely, sad, mad and can cause you to try and harm yourself.

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You feel like it's you against the world and that no one can understand you. Negative emotions can also be long lasting. Positive emotions make you feel good about yourself. You feel happy and untouchable, makes you feel loved, grateful and content with your life. Positive emotions stay in the back of your head when you feel negative emotions overcoming you.

Nettle discusses three levels of happiness, level one of happiness are the momentary feeling of joy and pleasure. Level two of happiness is the judgments about the feelings. Level three of happiness represents a higher meaning of life, one's full life potential. He thinks that levels one and two are the objects of study because if you are asked the questions on a particular day when our day is not going well you will say that you're unhappy. But if you just experienced something good in your life you will say that you are happy. We tend to judge our happiness according to how our day is going and compare it to how you think it would have been better.

The difference between positional goods and non-positional goods is that they are socially conditioned if you have a better job, better car, better lifestyle than those around you, you feel more happy and content with yourself, but if they have more than you do then you feel unhappy with yourself. The importance of it comes from the social scale. Non positional goods would be things like your health and freedom, these don't depend on how other people are doing, those are yours only.

Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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