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Today McDonald’s have more than 32,000 local restaurants serving and more than 60 million customers in 117 countries each days. McDonald operation begin in 1940 when Dick and Mac opened McDonald’s Bar-B-Que restaurant in San Bernardino, California. In 1948, Dick and Mac close the operation for the renovation and reopened after three month later with the most popular item. In 1954, Ray Kroc, as multimode, was attraction and operation and learnt that the McDonald brother had desired to franchise their operation. Besides that, McDonald also into international market and continue to expend around the globe.

For the management of McDonald, the main aspect to entire the business are ethical, truthful, and dependable

. McDonald was conduct by their Board of Director that insure their act in the best interest. Apart from that, takes a proactive approach to enforcing their global food service. For the Global Perspective, McDonald has developed a strategy for operating their fast food enterprise. First, McDonald is not rely merely on its brand success in Unite State.

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Second, McDonald should attune their brand and also understand what the local cultures and develop a strategy that suitable with the local customer base. Based on the past experience, the future of McDonald is looking bright.


The types of managerial levels that exist within the McDonald’s corporation are Board of Director. A Board of Director is the higher level in the business McDonald’s Corporation that elected by stockholders to represent their ownership interest.

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A role of Board of Director is to ensure all the business activity being run right and at the same time to ensure their business activity will archived their objective, mission, and vision. An objective is important to the business activity same like McDonald’s corporation because it guide marketing action and at the same time used to make sure how well plan is working along the business activity.

There are many interact to accomplish the goals of the organization by the levels. First, they must act in the best interests of, and fulfil their fiduciary obligations to, McDonald’s shareholders. It means that, McDonald Corporation needs make sure their profit increase by years to years with expand their business along the world to gain the trust of the shareholder to invest in the McDonald business activity. For example, Kroc was opened the first McDonald’s in Desplaines, lllinois and follow by international market on 1967 in Canada and Puerto Rico.

Second, the main basic of business activity in McDonald’s is they must act honestly, fairly, ethically, and with integrity especially between the employees. So the level must avoid their self from bribery, carry out business with terrorist group, and received the laundering money.

Third, conduct them in professional, courteous and respectful manner. For example, the Board of Director McDonald’s Corporation must have a good relationship between employees in the business activity where they come see the work done by their employee. Then, the level also must act in a method to increase and maintain the reputation of McDonald’s business activity where these level perform in an effectiveness and efficiency such as from the management process is planning, organization, leading, and controlling is using to achieve their goals. Besides that, a Board of Director must respect their confidentiality of information that related about the business activity except they get an authorized or legally required to disclose such information, because all the business activity have their own networking for the short and long period and plays as their secret of corporation to develop their business same like McDonald’s business activity. Finally, these levels must not use secret information about the company such as their planning, organizing, leading, and controlling for their personal advantage. 3 . HOW WILL McDONALD’S BE ABLE TO DEVELOP MANAGERIAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES NECESSARY TO CONTINUE THEIR SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE?

The learning focus in McDonald’s management is on developing skills and competencies to deal with the trickiness of human behaviour and problem solving in organization. McDonald’s very famous among us because it known as
popular fast food. Even though, it has achieved success around the globe, but not without overcoming a pair of challenges in its pursuit of the title “King of Fast Food”. So that skill is important to McDonald’s to translate knowledge into action that result in desired performance. Skill of management based on three categories and they are technical, human and conceptual for management success and their relative importance varies by level of managerial responsibility.

Managerial skills
A technical skill is the ability to use a special proficiency or expertise to perform particular tasks. For example, McDonald’s should knowing how to write a business plan, use statistics to analyze data from a market survey, prepare visual aids and deliver a persuasive oral presentation and find useful information on the internet. McDonald’s could not very merely on its brand success in the United States and simply run their international locations as they had in the US. They needed to attune their brand to the needs and wants of the local customers in each of the markets they are entered. McDonald’s also would need to understand the local cultures and develop a strategy that would match up with the expectations of the local customer base. For example, the first step McDonald’s to treading at Malaysia, marketers should be aware of the cultural and societal the resident.

When they analysis, they know the majority of the resident in Malaysia is Islam so that they take the best way to make sure their objection will fulfil is they apply logo Halal to Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) to certified their product. Now, they can carry on their legal business at the Malaysia. A human skill or interpersonal skills is the ability to work well in cooperation with other people. This is very important because they are demonstrated in the workplace as a capacity to communicate, to collaborate and network and to engage others through interpersonal relationships with a spirit of trust, enthusiasm, positive engagement and a capacity to understand or empathize with the feeling of others. Manager of McDonald’s should encouraged the good relationship among the employer and employee because it can gives many benefits to company. The one of the benefits is it can encouraged the brainstorming from each other.

Employer should cannot critic idea and accept idea who can develop the company. The secret of McDonald’s success is its willingness to innovate, even while striving to achieve consistency in the operation of its many outlets and tried to appeal to wider range of customer. A conceptual skill is the ability to think critically and analytically to diagnose and solve complex problems. The “critical thinking” is a diagnostic skill based on cognitive intelligence who means a competency to think systematically, identify causes and effects links and recognize patterns in events and data. The one of the challenges was faced by McDonald’s it was gathering flak from the environmentalists who decried all the litter and solid waste its restaurants generated each day.

To counter some of the critism, McDonald’s partnered with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) to explore new ways to make its operations more friendly to the environment. In addition, it is also pays off in the bottom line by reducing shipping costs for supplies as well a garbage removal fees. Even though they faced many challenges but they should think properly how to handle and solve their problems and it will makes their success in the future.

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