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Civilian facilities are also now a threat. With the advent of TRICARE, even our Active Duty Soldiers could choose to go to an outside facility. The best bet that we have is our proximity to our beneficiaries, low cost medical care, speed in which they can be seen, and the early hours that we offer. Regardless of the options to go outside, so far we have been able to maintain and increase our beneficiaries our market potential is high in regards to the success that we feel we will gain with our increased hours.

It is a service we offered in the past, so we know that success exists, we just need to ensure that we maintain our current level of service. We also need to market our new hours effectively so all our patient population knows that we have gone back to our original hours that used to be offered. When we first had to reduce our service hours, we explained to our patients that this wasn’t a permanent change, but a temporary change due to staffing issues.

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We are happy to provide these earlier hours again and are confident that the potential for success exists. The chart below shows the current market share:

1. Ensure information about the changed hours of operations is well disseminated in the next three months so that the number of patients we handle increases this will be done by monthly newspapers. 2. Use the decentralized lab section to inform all outlying clinics of our increase in hours to better provide our services to all of our patient populations.

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3. Offer personalized services to ensure we gain the credibility of our clients especially capturing the young veterans who we risk losing to our competitors. Our marketing objectives that we will follow in order to meet these goals are many.

First, in order to get the information out to the retiree population, we need to find out the ways that they receive information. We have already identified a number of approaches to get this information out to them. The hospital provides a monthly newspaper that has boxes throughout the hospital, and we also have a mailing list for our patient population that we can use to get this information to them. Marketing begins at home and we have dealt with this by ensuring that all employees are aware of the changed time and that they inform their patients.

To inform the outlying clinics, we have a decentralized laboratory section that is responsible for these laboratories we will use it to pass the message to remote labs that will refer the cases they cannot handle. We have already attended providers meetings to ensure that they are aware of the changes in our hours. To check current patient satisfaction we will carry out surveys to establish how they knew the lab was open earlier and two, how they got the information. This will enable us establish how effective we are operating and consequently respond appropriately.

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