Macromolecules lab bio 1 lab

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The macromolecule laboratory taught us how to establish a comparison to determine what a favorable and unfavorable test for a macromolecule looked like. Afterwards we used our favorably tested samples as contrasts to determine whether the unidentified food products that were brought in were favorable for any of the four macromolecules.


In this laboratory we carried out an experiment in order to identify what macromolecules where present in foods and how to identify in between a positive test and a negative test.

We each brought in an unidentified food samples and utilized our favorable test samples to identify whether or not the food we brought in contained any of the 4 macromolecules.


If there is a color modification with any of the testing samples of the 4 macromolecules we can conclude that is various than the initial color in the distilled water of the 4 macromolecules we can conclude that reagents effectively showed us a favorable sample. When checking our food we can determine that if a color matches our favorable reaction or is reasonably near to it that the food includes amounts of the macromolecules that we were screening.

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Macromolecule samples
Distilled water
Mortar and pedestal
Test tubes
Hot plate
Benedict, Iodine, Sudan red, and Biuret
Test tube holders
Lays Cheddar and Sour Cream chips
Test tube rack
Boiling water


We first took an overall of eight test tubes filling one half with ten milligrams of distilled water and the other half with our macromolecule substances. We started with the sugar adding 10 drops of benedicts’ option to our water and our glucose we then positioned them in boiling water for 3 minutes and observed the color modifications and distinctions.

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Next we tested the starch solution adding 10 drops or iodine to the starch and to the distilled water after swirling the tubes we observed the color modification and distinctions.

When we checked protein and fat we used the same procedure as the starch other than we altered the reagents we used, we used Biuret for the protein test and we utilized Sudan red for the fat test.


Color change
C&SC Chips
Sugar solution
Benedict reagent
Purple (top), Dark Blue (bottom)
Light Blue
Light Blue
Iodine reagent
Yellow- Brown
Biuret reagent
Light Purple
Sudan Red reagent
Bright Red
Dark Orange
Light Orange

In our macromolecule lab there were independent variables that we determined to be was the distilled water and the samples of macromolecules that we changed when we added the reagents. The dependants that did not change were the pipettes, the test tubes, the mortar and pedestal, the lab report sheet, and the test tube rack. The controls were the positive tests that we used as comparisons to determine if macromolecules were present in the food sample.


In my conclusive test my food which happened to be Cheddar and Sour cream chips did react to the reagents. The chips tested positive for starch, fat, and protein but mostly contained starch due to the potatoes that the chips are made of.

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