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Original title Leviathan
Author Thomas Hobbes

Fiction Novel

Language English
Characters Alekseyevich Karenin, Anna Arkadyevna Karenina, Vronsky, Levin , Dolly, Stiva, Kitty, Prince Shcherbatsky, Countess Lydia Ivanovna, Seryozha ...
Published 1651
ISBN 978-0-14-310576-0
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Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan is a political treatise written in the mid-17th century. In it, Hobbes argues that the best way to avoid the chaos and violence of the state of nature is to have a strong, centralized government. This government, or Leviathan,” should have absolute power in order to keep the peace.Hobbes believed that people are naturally selfish and will always put their own interests above others. In the state of nature, there is no authority to enforce rules or punish those who break them. This leads to a “war of all against all,” in which everyone is constantly in danger of being harmed or killed by others.The only way to escape this state of anarchy is to form a government with absolute power. This government, or “Leviathan,” will be able to enforce rules and keep the peace. In return, the people must give up some of their freedoms, including the right to rebel against the government.While Hobbes’ ideas may seem harsh, he believed that they were necessary to avoid the chaos and violence of the state of nature. In the end, he believed that the benefits of a strong, centralized government outweigh the costs.”

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