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Bloodchild and Other Stories
Original title Bloodchild and Other Stories
Author Octavia E Butler
Genre Science Fiction , Horror
Language English
Characters T’Gatoi, Gan, Lomas, Quara
Published Aug/Sep 1995
ISBN 978-0-380-97346-0
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Bloodchild and Other Stories is a collection of science fiction and fantasy stories by American writer Octavia E. Butler. The stories explore themes of racism, sexism, reproduction, and power.Bloodchild” is a science fiction story about a human woman who agrees to be the host for the eggs of an alien species. The aliens, called the Tlic, are a peaceful and intelligent race, but they are also parasitic, and the protagonist must contend with the physical and emotional effects of carrying the Tlic eggs.”The Evening and the Morning and the Night” is a science fiction story about a woman who is diagnosed with a disease that will slowly turn her into a plant. As her body changes, she must grapple with her own mortality and the question of what it means to be human.”A Necessary Being” is a fantasy story about a woman who is born with the ability to transform into a dragon. She is feared and persecuted by her village, but when she is forced to defend them from a group of marauders, she discovers her true power.”The Book of Martha” is a science fiction story about a woman who is sent to a future world where she is the only human. She is tasked with helping a group of aliens who are struggling to understand human emotions.”Bloodchild” is the most famous story in the collection, and it won the Hugo Award for Best Novelette in 1984.”

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