Essays on Ashley Wilkes

Ashley Wilkes is a wealthy plantation owner from the American Civil War novel, Gone With the Wind. He is a kind and gentle man, but is often seen as weak and ineffectual. He is in love with Scarlett O’Hara, but is married to Melanie Hamilton.

Essay themes and ideas about Ashley Wilkes

  • Ashley Wilkes: The Gentle Southern Gentleman
  • The Tragic Figure of Ashley Wilkes
  • Ashley Wilkes: A Man Out of Time
  • The Enigma of Ashley Wilkes
  • The Mysterious Ashley Wilkes
  • The Sensitive and Caring Ashley Wilkes
  • The Tragic Hero Ashley Wilkes
  • Ashley Wilkes: The Man Who Could Have Been
  • Ashley Wilkes: The Lost Cause
  • Ashley Wilkes: A Victim of Circumstance