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Utopia and Dystopia in Literature
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When the elite work to achieve a Utopia, everyone else ends up in Dystopia. To begin, let's define these two different societies. A Utopia is a state of things in which every aspect of society is ideal; equality exists in economics, government and justice. A Dystopia is a state in which there great suffering and injustice. They are total opposites however, the reality is nothing is or will be perfect, that is Utopia for one person turns into a Dystopia…...
Literature Survey Apache Cassandra II Computer Science Essay
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This paper is intended to supply a elaborate description of Apache Cassandra, an unfastened beginning distributed database direction system, including the services that the system provides, the architecture and the jobs with the system. We besides give an overview of how Cassandra compares with HBase and Riak and how Cassandra supports informations storage and retrieval in Facebook.IntroductionCassandra is a distributed storage system which is suited for systems that need peculiarly big and scalable storage. It is an open-source system that…...
What is meant by style and stylistics?
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Style is concerned with the artful expression of idea and stylistics is the bridge that links the idea of style to the analysis of literary texts through the tool of linguistics. The 19th century, that witnessed evolution in the field of biography, historiography, anthropology and others, could not remain unattached to immutable linguistic and stylistic norms in literature. Linguistic study was esoteric in the beginning and severely criticized as, "pretension of scientific accuracy, obsession with an extensive; cumbersome and recondite…...
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What is meant by style and stylistics?
...While writing a poem, a poet may have the wings of imagination and can present the metaphysical world. Unlike a historian, he has the liberty to play with words and sentence structures. An incomplete and wrong structure is counted as a fault of a his...
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