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Letting people chose where their taxes goes is a good idea

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Essay, Pages 4 (955 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (955 words)

Paying taxes can be one of the worst things that a person has to do but unfortunately, everyone over the age of 18 must pay tax to the government. No one wants to pay tax and this is the reason why I don’t understand why the topic of letting taxpayers decide where their tax goes isn’t more of a discussion. This would mean that people wouldn’t be as bothered to pay tax if they got to choose where it goes.

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This could allow many more opportunities to open up and make things better.Allowing people who pay taxes to choose where they go could make people want to pay taxes. If they got to choose where it went for example to help the transport and roads around them. Putting their taxes towards transport and roads could help to fix roads that have potholes or haven’t been done in a while. It could also help with things like buses and the routes they take.

It would also make people want to pay them because they could choose if they wanted to split it up into different areas or all of it into one area that they choose. Another reason is that it could allow certain areas where the tax goes to start building towards something that wouldn’t have been achievable before. Three people from the university college London carried out studies and came to the conclusion that letting people decide helps to improve the tax compliance rates. Thus, allowing people to choose where they put their tax would make many more people want to pay their taxes and it would be a lot more beneficial for a lot of areas.

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As well as making people want to pay taxes it could also open up plenty of opportunities. Another place where the taxes could go is to the NHS and could allow more operations to happen or encourage more people to work for the NHS. The British Social Attitudes did a survey and the results said that 3 times as many people said that the NHS had got worse. So, this could be needed to help improve the NHS. Although the times reported that 61% of adults said that they would be willing to pay more to help fund the NHS’. This would be good and helpful for the NHS but whether or not the government would consider letting people choose where the tax goes is a different discussion. Allowing to decide where tax goes can also help with things like council houses, clean-up of the community or help schools fund multiple things.Getting to decide where tax goes could open up opportunities it could also make people want to go for higher paid jobs because they will want to put the money towards their chosen thing. If people got to choose where the taxes, they pay went then it might make them go for a higher paid job because they would get more pay which would mean you would have to pay more tax. This would mean that people who would want to give their taxes to a certain area would go for higher paid jobs because they would be happy to give more money to like a charity. The benefits of this would help both because the person doing the job would have a higher paid job but at the same time, the charity or whatever area they choose would get more money.Although getting people to decide where tax goes is overall a good idea the government and other members of the public will think it’s a bad idea because it would make it unbalanced and unfair on certain areas that tax goes to now. It could also cause some areas to get no funding at all. However, their argument isn’t strong enough because there is a heap load of more arguments to say why they should be allowed to decide where the tax goes. From reasons like making more opportunities to making people wanting or more willing to pay tax. Whereas their argument is that it would be unbalanced but they don’t know if this is the case because there hasn’t even been a trial period. Also, the benefits of letting people chose are far superior because the taxes could go towards schools to help pay for educational trips or help clean up the community.Right now, the government decides where the taxes go but they could ask the public where they wanted the tax to go if they weren’t able to let them decide. This would mean that the public would be happier with this than the current system and as stated before could increase the rate of tax compliance. This could be the best way for both parties as there is no chance of an unbalanced system and would let every area get some money but what the public wants to give their taxes to are the areas that get the most money. Although letting people decide where they go would probably be wanted more by the public. This allows a whole bunch of discussions to be made about whether the current tax system is the best and whether it’s a change that should be explored more.Letting people decide where their taxes go instead of the government’s current structure would create more opportunities and the possibilities that people go for better jobs to give more money to an area that they think should be improved. This could make people want to pay taxes because they know where they want to put them. Of course, people will argue against it but there are clear benefits and not enough negatives to stop letting people decide where their tax goes, and the government should listen to the public demands.

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