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Korea Land of the Morning Calm

Categories: North Korea


For many coevalss Korea has been known as the” land of the forenoon calm” ( Lee, 2010, p. 1 ) . During this paper, I have described some of the involvement encounters that a household would meet of metropolis life in South Korea.

Further, I have provided good safeguards security safeguards to responding to anti-Americanism menaces.

Furthermore, I have besides covered school and employment chances for household members who wish to work in South Korean peninsula. Last, the capable countries, which I have covered below, are resulted of personal experiences from life in South Korea.

City Life In South Korea

Populating in Korea will be a fantastic experience. The metropolis life there is rather modern as many metropoliss you would happen in the United States like Los Angles, New York and Washington D.C. By nature, Koreans have no construct of personal infinite because the land mass of South Korea is the size of California. This is something that you will be able to accommodate to in a short clip, last, the transit here is the best where trains coachs, major airdromes and cabs are all interlink.

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This makes going throughout South Korea rather peep.

South Korean Diet

Rice remains the basic favourite dish for most Koreans. However, among the younger coevalss ; many prefer Western-style nutrient. Diverse side dishes, chiefly seasoned veggies, soup, pot fret, and meat have normally joined with Rice. A long constituted Korean repast is ever non complete without kimchi, which is a mixture of assorted pickled veggies such as Chinese chou, radish, green onion and Cucumis sativus.

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Specific kinds of kimchi are made spicy with the add-on of ruddy chili Piper nigrum pulverization, while others are prepared to miss ruddy chili Piper nigrums or are immersed in a tasty liquid. Nevertheless, Allium sativum is used in kimchi to supplement to its olfactory property. Sometime in late November or early December, Korean families used to fix adequate kimchi to last a whole winter. Last, so kimchi was kept in big clay pots non wholly buried to keep temperature and retain spirit (, 2010, p. 1 ) .

In contemporary Korea, housewifes frequently do non possess the clip to do kimchi or have the out-of-door infinite needed to warehouse big sums. Nevertheless, kimchi is still a important portion of the Korean life style: houses doing the fermented dish and others marketing particular kimchi iceboxs rejoice in vigorous gross revenues, Baechu Kimchi and Bulgogi, Korea ‘s chiefly sought-after beef dish. In add-on to kimchi, doenjang ( soybean paste ) , with its anti-cancer qualities, has appealed to the notice of modern-day dieticians, Koreans at one clip made doenjang at place by boiling xanthous beans, drying them in the shadiness, plunging them in salty H2O, and fermenting those in natural visible radiation, last, even so, merely a smattering of households go through this everyday any longer ; alternatively, a bulk buys their factory-made doenjang. Which is among the meat dishes, seasoned bulgogi ( normally beef ) and galbi ( beef or porc ribs ) are favored by both Koreans and aliens (, 2010, p. 2 ) .

Family Adjustment

The accommodation or jobs that you and your household may hold to postulate with are the normally conditions forms that come to Korea. For case, during the summer we have a monsoon rain, which on juncture creates major deluging. During the winter months, the conditions here gets rather cold with stop deading conditions that comes with snow in the northern part of the state. Another accommodation is the air quality criterions, which are non every bit superior as the United States? Since Hangul is the national linguistic communication, most Koreans do non talk English. Last, you may happen going throughout the metropolis and state to be a spot hard until to you accommodate to alterations in linguistic communication (, 2010, p. 3 ) .

Arrival To South Korea

Upon your reaching to Soul Korea, there are numbered of head start plans that you and your household are encouraged to inscribe in at Soul University. The head start plan at Soul University is a four-week plan that teaches you about the best manner to populate in Korea during your long stay here. During these categories, you will be given the chance to larn some of the Korean linguistic communication. Learn to go on the metropolis theodolite system. Last, you will besides larn the rich imposts of this state, which will give you a better apprehension of the Korean civilization. There is a web site, which you can entree on your ain to larn about South Korea, civilization that is located in appendix a. of this paper (, 2010, p. 1 ) .

Security Precautions

Even thou North and South Korea have been in a province of war for the last 50 old ages. The state is one of the safest topographic points to populate. In major metropoliss of South Korea, there is a strong constabulary presence. This presence offers a good hindrance that keeps the offense rate low. As for counsel for condemnable activity in South Korea, see ( Appendix A. ) for the web site on State Department Travel. Another good facet of life in Korea is the low menace of terrorist act. Ever individual who comes and goes from Korea, whether they are a native or a foreign national, they are track on a database. This database acts like a good instrument in halting people who want to make injury to the state. Therefore, any excess security safeguard is non required ( Kim, 2003, p. 120 ) .


In portion of Soul Korea, we do hold political presentations that come from the Universities. These persons demonstrate against the American business and promote for integrity between North and South Korea. If you happen to come across one of these presentations, it is best to walk off. This is because of occasions these presentations have been known to go violent when a pupil tries to derive unauthorised entree to some of these installings. See ( Appendix A. ) for the web site for Travel State Department on South Korean. Last, when this event occur tear gas and public violence squads are used to keep the peace ( Kim, 2003, p. 115 ) .


Since you will be shacking in Seoul, South Korea, your kids can go to Yongsan International School of Seoul. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges ( WASC ) and Association of Christian School have accredited this learning establishment for higher acquisition from kindergarten through High school. All categories instructions are done in the English linguistic communication. Further, the school land ‘s aesthetics positions provide for your kids a pleasant ambiance for larning. Last, admittance demands can be found from their web site at ( Appendix A. ) of this paper ( Seoul, 2010, p. 1 ) .

Employment Guideline And Opportunities

In South Korea, there are many occupation chances. For case, in South Korea there are a figure of U.S authorities installings where your partner will be able find work. Further, there are occupations in the instruction sector that are looking for qualified pedagogues who have English and Korean speech production accomplishments. Furthermore, within Soul, South Korea concern territory there are assorted concerns that need qualified people whom able to talk English in order to interact with their parent companies within the United Kingdom and United States. See ( Appendix A. ) a web site for occupations. Most significantly if your partner is believing about working in South Korea. They will necessitate a work visa before come ining the state. Last, the guidelines for happening employment within South Korea comes from the Ministry of Labor, which can be found on ( Appendix A. ) of this paper ( Labor, 2010, p. 1 )

Health Care

In South Korea, holding wellness insurance is compulsory. Business that employs over five 100 people have to supply wellness attention insurance for their employee. Further, there is a government-funded plan run by the private sector that provides wellness attention insurance for people who are unable to achieve wellness insurance. Their wellness attention system is based on the wellness attention system from Japan. Last, medical attention is South Korea is comparable to the most hospital within the United States. A good wellness attention insurance company Bupa International is a recommended a wellness attention insurance company for South Korea in ( Appendix A. ) of this paper. ( Jong, 2002, p. 1 ) .

Cultural Shock

When you arrive at South Korea, you will be amazed by the big Numberss of people who are able to habitat in little communities. Further, because of tenseness between North and South Korea, you will detect a big military presence that you would non see within urban countries of the United States. After a period such as a thing, will go a common topographic point as you begin to encompass the peaceable repose of the Korea civilization and society. An illustration of Korean cultural or society is the full crop Moon festival. Furthermore, known as, ( Chuesok ) occurs on the fifteenth twenty-four hours of the 8th lunar month, and is similar to the American Thanksgiving vacations. The twenty-four hours before 14th and 16th of the 8th lunar month is besides holidays, giving a sum of three yearss off to let people clip to see their hometowns. As the most of import of all Korean vacations, during this period people are jam up the main roads, so they can see their hometowns and household members. Last, similar to the lunar new twelvemonth vacations, household members pay respect to their life relations and see the Gravess of their ascendants. Family members exchange gifts and play particular games. A web site for Korea vacations is located in ( Appendix A. ) of this, paper (, 2010, p. 1 ) .


A good manner to fix for a long stay in Korea is to be up to day of the month with all of your shootings. Further, you should procure a transcript of your medical records before doing your trip to South Korea. Another good readying is to analyze Korean linguistic communication and civilization before you depart on your trip. Furthermore, if you have a point of contract that is supposed to assist you to settle in. Find out what type of elite mercantile establishment are used so you do non reunion you electric contraptions. If you do non hold a point of contact to assist you settle in. Then it will be proactive to hold one household member travel in progress every bit far as set uping lodging for your household, this could take hebdomads to achieve. Normally, after a few hebdomads in Korea coming down with a respiratory infection is a common happening because of the industry waste that is dumped into the air. Another medical infection this is quite common is TB in Korea. Therefore, it would be wise to hold cloth surgical mask made during grippe season in order to cut down the opportunities of going infected by TB. Enclosed to ( Appendix B ) is a checklist for your trip to Korea.


Inclosing, life in South Korea for a long period can be a great experience for those who plan. The checklists from ( Appendix B ) are good guidelines or waies every bit far as what a household, demand to make in order to be after for long-run stay in South Korea.

Anyone who comes to Korea will overpower by the difference life style and civilization. In order to accommodate it is good to larn about the linguistic communication and civilization before you depart from your state of beginning. Last, this will assist a household to be proactive every bit far as responding to any bad state of affairss that may happen during their stay in South Korea.

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