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Keto Dieting

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (755 words)
Categories: A Healthy Diet, Activity, Diet And Healthy Eating Habits, Health, Human, Nutrition, Writing
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I decided to do my Paper 4 on Keto dieting. I plan to discuss what the diet entails and how it improves lives. I chose this subject because I have seen it advertised on social media countless times. It seemed to fit the description for a current social trend. I want to better understand why it’s so popular. I have seen Dr. Oz talk about it as well. I want to see what everyone’s raving about.

I think it would be interesting to list some foods that are hallmarks of Keto diet and maybe compare and contrast a few other diets.

I am interested in this diet because it seems like its something do-able. There are so many diets out there and it actually seems like people can do it because you don’t have to give up too many foods. It not a difficult diet like counting calories. It does worry me a little because it seems like a lot of protein, and high in fat and makes me wonder if it will cause a heart attack.

I would like to research it in-depth and try to weigh its pros and cons. I think it would be interesting to include its benefits. It doesn’t have extreme ways to measure amounts, you can use your hands to judge the amounts of protein and it doesn’t seem complicated. I would like to discuss in great depth how a person knows if they are in Ketosis i.e. bad breath. I would also like to discuss within my paper carbohydrates and different techniques employed with dieting.

I would like to get some books from the UC Clermont library on dieting. I would like to find specific books that talk about the Keto Diet. I would also like to get books with a few other diets for comparison. I think its always good to have a few books to draw reference from. If i cannot find enough books, I would get on UC’s library website and pull some articles from there on Keto. I plan to go and see the librarian if I can’t think of what I need exactly, she’s an out of the box thinker and she always guides me to a section that I can use.

I would like to talk to a doctor about this diet and see what they think about the health aspect of this diet. I hope to interview a staff member at UC. I talked to someone in disabilities services about my paper. They knew someone who lost a bunch of weight on Keto and swears by it. I don’t know their name. I will know for sure on Monday if I can interview this individual. Otherwise, I will have to think of another plan. I am optimistic. My plan B is to contact one of my online friends. I will have to see if it would be possible to meet and conduct a personal interview that way. I know I won’t have any issues finding materials to use for this paper. I think I will mention self-esteem within my paper. I hope to be able to conduct the interview with the person from UC. I greatly feel like their interview would really enhance my paper because they lost over 100 pounds on this diet. I feel like they would have really great insights regarding this diet. I think that this is a good choice to write about as I don’t have a strong opinion about this topic because I don’t know a lot about it and I can’t wait to see how this diet has impacted lives!

I plan to start on this paper as soon as possible because of its length. I hope to conduct my interviews next week. I will more than likely handwrite most of this paper first. I plan to take quality notes during the interview/interviews to refer back to. I would like to learn about this diet and I want to keep an open mind if upon my research I feel as if this diet isn’t a healthy choice I could follow, I want to remember that its a paper about the lives of others and its impact. I really like that we are conducting interviews for this paper and I think it will offer great insights when I’m writing my paper, I think it will be great to have that emotional aspect as this diet has changed lives and made people feel good about themselves! I think it will be very fun to write!


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Keto Dieting. (2019, Dec 18). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/keto-dieting-essay

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