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Milk Tea

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Tea fever, yes it’s here and it’s viral. If you haven’t tried milk tea, you don’t know what you are missing. Milk tea is not a combination to be messed with. It’s God’s gift to mankind for bad days and not-so-bad days (because it’s just that good). Add to that our local sago, or boba as it’s sometimes called, and you’ve got God’s best gift to mankind. This Taiwan original got its name from the drink’s frothy finish foam forms when the teas are shaken to mix the tea with ice, thus creating “bubbles.

The introduction of tea drinks to the Philippine market began with a vision of giving healthy drinks a different face, like that of James Young’s. The franchiser of Happy Fanshu, brought a new taste in the Philippines, which originated from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. “Fanshu” refers to kamote or sweet potato. Growing up in Tondo, Manila where he spent his early years in business, Young had always wanted to explore new ways to quench the thirst of today’s generation.

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He made this dream a reality by bringing the known Chinese tea drink franchise to the country, opening its first and main branch at the Far Eastern University in November 2009. Four months later, he introduced the treat to UST.

There are a lot of Milk Tea shops around UST campus. It’s like every corner of UST there’s a Milk Tea shop and it’s very marketable.

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D’Cream , Moonleaf ,Zen Tea, Simple Line, Happy Fanshu and Quickly are some famous Milk Tea shops near UST. Now that tea is served in different, more creative ways, Thomasians find themselves enjoying a regular serving of this kind of drink.

Here are some famous Milk Tea around UST Campus:

1.) MoonLeaf

Tea taste: Light and refreshing. Not too sweet and not bitter at all. The black pearl is chewy chewy, and the nata is chunky and fruity. If it’s your first time to order from Moon Leaf, I suggest you try first their Wintermelon Milk Tea with pearls. That’s like their standard “bang for your buck” product. More or less you will like it. On your next visit, try Hakka with nata. You may also want to try their other products, like my personal favorite Yogurt Milk Tea or Jasmine Tea with Yakult.

After that, you are on your own!

Price: The prices range around 70 to 100 Pesos depending on the type of tea. Add ons like

2.) D’Cream

3.) Zen Tea

Tea taste: Say “hello” to childhood. Their nai cha or pearl milk tea is like sipping Chocnut through a straw. Meanwhile, the yummy Highway tea (green apple and passionfuit) tastes like Sola or Snapple. On the menu, there’s also malt milk tea and more fruit combos such as Highway (green apple, lemon, and passionfruit) and Tango (mango and peach).

Add-on options: Sago

Service: The place gets busy, but the service was still decent.

Price: P35-P70 but their large sizes are pretty small.

4.) Simple Line

Tea taste: Black milk tea, one of its bestsellers, is the closest to the authentic milk tea you can buy from Chinatowns abroad. The melon-flavored tea, another bestseller, tastes more like cantaloupe than actual melon.

Add-on options: Tapioca, gulaman, coffee konjac, and coco jelly

Price: Really great value for money, especially considering the drink sizes. For milk teas: P35-

P70. For fruit-flavored teas: P40-P55.

5.) Quickly

Tea taste: Sweet but light. Less semblance of tea compared to others, but you can really taste the taro, which is great for ube lovers. The red milk tea has a tinge of something different than traditional milk teas (or even the Quickly stores overseas), but don’t discriminate. It’s still delish.

Tapioca taste: Their sago is usually not completely cooked. Also, the branches aren’t consistent.

Some constantly serve it chewy while others are always durog, so there’s something for everyone’s tapioca preference.

Add-on options: Sago, nata de coco, and pudding (choco, melon, strawberry, and taro flavored ones).

Price: An affordable price range: P40-P70.

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