Kenyan Drake Profile, Age, Height, Weight, Body Stats And Family Life

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Disregarding Ryan Tannehill, Kenyan Drake is arguably, the player most Miami Dolphins' fans would bet on to put forward a game-changing performance. This fella only joined the National Football League in 2016 but has already hinted at his intent to establish himself as a nightmare to opponents.

The American footballer wasted no time in proving himself as a fine running back and kick returner to hold on to. He cleared every doubt preceding the move to replace him with Jay Ajayi who was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017.

Irrespective of the fact that his college career with Alabama Crimson Tide of the University of Alabama was very fulfilling, it was thought that his deeds with the college team aren't enough justification for him to inherit the starting running back spot of The Fins. To most people, he was not just ready for the task. As such, it was quite a relief when the decision makers of The Dolphins announced Drake as the second running back and Damien Williams, the first.

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But then, Williams would soon be injured, leaving the team with little option but to name Kenyan Drake the starting running back. They did and have not regretted the decision. If anything, many have come to believe he's doing a good job helping The Dolphins kick asses, better than Damien and Jay. This was pretty obvious in the 35 - 9 victory the team recorded over Denver Broncos and the 27 - 20 upset of the New England Patriots that followed.

While Kenyan pulled-off a touchdown and 120 yards in the 13th week of the 2017 season that saw the trashing of the Broncos, he facilitated the triumph over the Patriots with 193 yards the following week.

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It was without a doubt his breakout season as accumulated three touchdowns and rushed for 644 yards

Kenyan Drake Profile

For several reasons, it is anticipated that this running back and kick returner would be remembered for the things he would achieve as a professional footballer. Apart from the fact of him being a skillful playmaker, he has the advantage of age as he was born on 26th January 1994. His place of birth was in Powder Springs, Georgia which was equally where he was brought up. When it was time for high school, Drake became a student of Hillgrove High School located in his city of birth.

It was in Hillgrove High that it became apparent this chap is cut out for a footballing profession. He was better than most of his peer at the game and started attracting significant attention to himself as a senior owing to his proficiency in the sport. Remarkably, he procured 18 touchdowns and rushed 1,610 yards; it was an uncommon feat that earned him a crown as Georgia's Gatorade Football Player of the Year 2011. His recruit ratings were fine so the universities came calling.

Mr. Drake settled for the University of Alabama and blazed for the Alabama Crimson Tide from 2012 through to 2015. His freshman season had him secure 5 touchdowns in 12 games wherein he rushed for 281 yards. That year, he became a BCS national champion. He improved his game as a sophomore and the next year saw him become an SEC champion. In all, he became a three-time SEC champion ( 2012, 2014, 2015), a CFP (2015) and BCS (2012) national champion.

Kenyan Drake got drafted by The Dolphins to NFL as the 73rd overall pick in the 3rd round. As of 2017, his career stats at NFL boast of one return and one receiving touchdowns, 5 rushing touchdowns, 285 receiving yards, 544 return yards, and 823 rushing yards.

His Family Life

The things we can tell about this footballer's family would only amount to an overview account of what there is to know, but in all, Kenyan's family means a lot to him and he has quite an extensive one.

Albeit we are yet to get the details of who his parents are and what's up with them, we know that his father William Drake parted ways with his mother and that they both got remarried. Nevertheless, they worked together to co-parent and raise Kenyan. According to the star, his parents and even his step-parents contributed massively to the making of the man he has become.

Isaiah Drake

The Miami Dolphins player has a handful of siblings including his kid brother Isaiah Drake, a younger sister, and another brother. Hardly can one tell if they are his full or half-siblings.

Height, Weight, and Body Stats

If a player must not depend on the submissiveness of opponents to make a name in this game, he must be physically strong and of good height. The American football is a very physical sport and Kenyan is not disadvantaged in this regard, his 95 kg (210 lb) weight is perfect for his 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m) height. His hand size is 9 3⁄4 in (0.25 m) and his arm length 31 3⁄4 in (0.81 m). Other details of his body measurements are yet to be authenticated.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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