Jose Rizal, an exemplary leader Essay

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Jose Rizal, an exemplary leader

Many were still debating on the credibility of Jose Rizal as the national hero of the Philippines. Many assumes that he was an American hero for he was appointed by the Americans. Others believed that Bonifacio was the real hero for he was the one who fought the battle for the Philippines. Who is who? Who is the real hero, who is the greater leader? I myself believed then that Rizal do not deserve to be the national hero and is not worthy to be called a leader, that was until i enrolled my Philippine Ideology subject. In the course i found out the exemplary deeds of Rizal from his childhood up to his execution. I came to realize why he was chosen to be the national hero. Among his great deeds, his leadership was at its peak when he died at Bagumbayan.

Before the his death, he already showed what a leader should be. In his last travel abroad, he was then asked to stay at Singapore and hide their but he opt to continue his voyage though he already knew where will his fate will lead him, a leader must be brave as what Rizal had shown, he was not afraid to face his challenges and he faced these with such bravery. Furthermore, when Spanish armies arrested Rizal, Rizal do not hesitate but he voluntarily go with them, a leader should know when to fight and when to stay calm. In his last days in Dapitan, Rizal was visited by a vast number of friends and relatives, being a leader does not mean “me” but it is “we”, because of his characteristics, Rizal gained lot of friends whom together with his family did not left him until the end.

Until the death of Rizal he showed that he was an exemplary leader, who among us can face our death as Rizal did? Who among us can sacrifice his own life to the intruders just for the country. Rizal died for me, Rizal died for you. Without his death the eyes of our fore fathers might not been opened and maybe until now we are still wrapped on their arms. Rizal is a hero, a leader, a Filipino.

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