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Japan Net Bank

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Essay, Pages 3 (561 words)



Essay, Pages 3 (561 words)

JNB has significantly better competitive advantage as compared to US banks because it has one of the much diversified networks of ATM machines which offered customers more flexibility as well as convenience. Further, the mechanism to transfer money from one bank to another was relatively easier and more competitive therefore consumers had the necessary flexibility to transfer money with little hurdles. Such basic features provided JNB a better advantage over US internet banks and as such JNB may not fail like other US banks have failed mainly due to the nature and structure of banking transactions in US.

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It is also critical to understand that the nature of Japanese banking system as well as the preferences of the consumers were largely different from consumers of US therefore there were very few chances that JNB could fail like other US internet banks.

JNB is facing competition from two types of competitors i.e. the traditional banks and the bricks and mortar banks.

Facts provided in the case study suggest that the most of the transactions on JNB took place during off hours therefore JNB had a clear indication of what kind of strategies to apply. Since major customers of JNB are young and working class individuals therefore JNB shall improve upon its alliance strategies by forming a networks with the different organizations with which most of its customers also transact. For example, by developing strategic alliances with different retailers, JNB can be able to cross sell its products to vastly different classes of customers.

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The focus of JNB’s alliance strategy shall be based on forming alliances to create advantaged networks in order to create the value beyond the individual relationships.

While ensuring smooth and efficient cooperation with alliances, it is important that the JNB must first take into account the nature of the relationship with the alliance. Once the nature of the relationship is identified than JNB must first set alliance design by setting up priorities such as why to use an alliance, deciding the scope of the alliance, the criteria for selecting the alliance partners.  Management of alliance therefore would also include deciding factors such as how the decisions would be made in an alliance, how the alliance will be operational as well as determining how the performance of the alliance shall be measured.
If above factors are taken into consideration JNB would be able to run its alliance relationships more smoothly and efficiently.

JNB’s IT system and infrastructure was largely based on the effective and simple framework which allowed it to remain stable during the peak hours and offer consistent service to the customers. In order to design a cost effective IT and Management infrastructure, JNB needs to take into account the fact that given the scope of its activities and future growth prospects, it would require more flexible management system to be in place. Continuous up-gradation of IT system through development of cloud computing framework may allow JNB to utilize the strengths of those who are best in the trade. Cloud computing can provide a real and very cost effective alternative to JNB to consistently manage increased demand while at the same time providing excellent quality. Cloud computing would also allow management to firm on the core competencies of the firm by focusing on developing strategies such as market development rather than focusing time and energy on maintaining I.T. system.

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