Iron Man 3 Essay

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Iron Man 3

The movie is set in the United States, where there has been more than nine terrorist attacks, the country citizens don’t want more so they ask for Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, to stop the terrorists. After Tony challenges the leader, and accepts the citizents request, he goes through a lot of unsuccessful almost deadly confrontations that leave him unarmed, this makes him show another part of his personality and meet more characters that will help him reach his objective.

Robert Downey Jr., who plays as Tony Stark, did a great job in showing his characters feelings and his personality that changes massively in this last movie. He and his coworker Ty Simpkins who stars as Harley stand out from the rest maybe because of the hilarious lines of their roles. All the actors make the film look even more realistic but I doubt that the movie could have seem fake with such incredible special effects even if the acting was disaustrous.

In conclusion, the third and final movie of Iron Man’s trilogy has as much action and as realistic acting as the first two movies of the trilogy, its also more humorous, the plot is much more thrilling than the first two movies. The whole movie is better in most of its aspects than its previous movies, however, it can be confusing in some scenes like when characters talks about “The Avengers”or when the camera in the action scenes changes too fast and you can predict who is the villian from the start and what will happen in the last scenes as movies always ends with happy endings.

I would recommend watching the movie just because of the comedy and maybe the action scenes, I think the plot is good but the producers shouldn’t have made the end so obvious.

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