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Inclusive Education Plan

Describe the facts of this case study:

  • Student having difficulty in mathematics. Specifically, student does not understand how to work with decimals and fractions, concepts that are fundamental for progressing in mathematics through high school grades.
  • Not receiving learning assistance for mathematics.
  • Reading and writing standards are also not being met, although student is receiving learning assistance for these subjects.
  • Student excels in art and technology.
  • Reported to have been aggressive with other students at noon hour break. He is commonly seen verbally taunting small group of students.

Student Demographics

Name: Tom

Grade: 9

Student’s Strengths: Excels in arts and technology.

Student’s Needs: Assistance with mathematics, primarily with decimals and fractions. Student also needs guidance in developing positive social skills.

Goal #1: Tom will improve in numeracy skills.

Current Level of Performance: Tom has significant delay in understanding fundamental mathematics concepts such as decimals and fractions. He is not meeting current grade level standards in this subject.

SMART Objectives:

  1. Tom will complete and hand in 3 out of 4 math assignments per week for his portfolio for the remainder of the term.

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  2. Tom will solve grade 9 level decimal problems with 75% accuracy after 3 weeks of learning assistance.
  3. Tom will solve grade 9 level fraction problems with 75% accuracy after 3 weeks of learning assistance.


  • Teacher and learning resource teacher will use base-ten blocks and other manipulatives to visually demonstrate decimals and fractions. (district resource center) (obj. #2)
  • Tom will use web-based mathematical games such as Math Playground, Top Marks, and Splash Math to practice working with decimals and fractions, as well as other types of math questions for his grade level.

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    (obj. #2)

  • Tom will bring his art supplies to the lunch hour math group and do artwork as he becomes comfortable with the other members of the group. (obj. #1,2,3)
  • Teacher and learning resource teacher will be available to assist Tom with his weekly math assignments and remind him to hand these into the teacher. (obj. #1)
  • Teacher and learning resource teacher will incorporate art and technology into learning of decimals and fractions. For instance, Tom could learn how shutter speeds of a camera are related to fractions. (obj.#1,2,3)


  • Math manipulatives kit from resource room or district resource office.
  • Math Playground: Grade 6 Math Games (2019) Retrieved from grade_6 _games.html
  • Splash Math: Decimal Games for 5th Graders (n.d.). Retrieved from decimal-games-for-5th-graders
  • Splash Math: Fraction Games for 5th Graders (n.d.). Retrieved from fraction-games-for-5th-graders
  • Top Marks: Fraction and Decimal Games (2019) Retrieved from

Goal #2: Tom will improve his social skills.

Current Level of Performance: He spends his time alone at noon hour and has been observed verbally harassing students. Tom is unaware that his actions are negatively affecting his relationships with peers.

SMART Objectives:

  1. Tom will maintain personal space and use a respectful voice with kind words during social interactions with peers at lunch hour 80% of the time for the remainder of the term.
  2. Tom will demonstrate an understanding of the effects his words and actions have on his peers 4 out of 5 times when questioned by LRT after 2 weeks of social skills practice.
  3. Tom will attend an extracurricular social group every Wednesday and Friday for the remainder of the term.


  • Tom will be encouraged by teacher to join an extracurricular social group. (obj. #3)
  • Tom will spend lunch hours walking with adult monitor for 2 weeks or until he is deemed ready to be independent. After this period, Tom will check-in with monitor at the beginning and end of every lunch hour. (obj. #1,2)
  • Teacher or learning resource teacher will teach social skills through modeling, role-playing and asking for student feedback on appropriate social actions (Peterson et al., p. 2, 2006). For these lessons, the teacher or learning resource teacher will use lesson guidelines, strategies, and checklists from (Obj. #1, 2)
  • Teacher or recess monitor will discuss social interactions the student has had throughout the week and ask him what he did, what happened, if it was positive or negative, and whether he would approach it differently if it happened again. (Lavoie, 2005) (Obj. 2)
  • Learning resource teacher will let Tom work with interactive social skills games such as Problem Peak that allow him to navigate his way through hypothetical social issues. (obj. #1,2)

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