In this vibrant districta huge university towers above all the

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In this vibrant district,a huge university towers above all the other structures. It brings in students from every place you could think of. A passage school funded by the government called Apex Of Hope. They say you're going to be set for life if you come here and manage to gain your degree. Every year, it sends the best of the best into the workforce There are just two things that you need to join this college... One, you've had to finished high school.

Two, you must be the best in what you're studying. There isn't a ordinary student here. The only way in is if you are found by the college itself. And standing at the gates of the school was me·.

I ought to present myself before I go any further. I'm Anthony Joseph

I was nothing but an average student at college. ?

When it came to grades, I didn't have much going for me, even personality. I mean yes, I had things I liked to do, but it's not like I was a superhero, a spy, or anything.

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Like, if you questioned me what was my favourite song or my favourite film... At that time they're only what's most popular. I was the most average even among the average. So I couldn't even say I was the type who's a "everyday hero." That's the kinda person I was.

Anyway, I think it was a good idea to introduce yourself directly off the bat. Also If you have some sort of "strong point to make," so to speak.

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.. I'm a little more enthusiastic than others to fight against what your point is.

Look at me, I mean. I was normal individual, waiting in front of anything but the normal Apex of Hope.

I couldn't believe that I was standing there. I wondered if somebody like me in a situation like this could survive...

Apex Of Hope encourages only those learners in their profession who are absolutely the finest at what they do. Online threads are devoted to speaking about the previous and current attendants of the school.

I chose to look up some of those threads to prepare. All I saw was a lot of talk about "definite" students far beyond your normal college student. One upcoming student, for instance, is the "definite voiciolist." There's the Definitive Martial Artist on top of that, the Definitive Fanfic Creator, the Definitive Con Artist , and then some. Reading that made me question if I was completely meaningless.

It was basically the city's elite. With all those "definitive" students, I'm one of the few without a useful talent. Beyond that, there was an even bigger problem... How did such an unbelievably average college student like me get picked to come to this college I mean, I guess there was a reason... You just have to take one look at the acceptance letter they sent me to understand why·

"We've been holding a lottery lately to pick a normal pupil to attend our college. And you've been picked, and we're inviting you to come to Apex of Hope as a Definitive Luck Student." I would probably be better just declining their offer. I couldn't say no after hearing how graduating was a "guarantee for success."

Then, in reality, in front of the school... I felt like didn't belong there, I started to feel lost. I felt like I was losing my nerve.

But still... I couldn't sit there anymore in front of the gate·

Frozen on the spot, whispering to myself, I stared down at the document of acceptance held in my hand. It said there would be a gathering in the main auditorium at 9a.m. for all incoming students. The conference is not for a while yet, but...

I'd probably just have to head in I told myself. Yeah... let's get it done!

I collected all my determination and tried to act as I had done this million times before. I made my first move to the main auditorium...

This is where we have to meet, correct? I asked myself. I think I'm the first here.

I made my way through a hallway I noticed In the corner there was a clock. It said it was about 8:30 a.m. The session will not begin until 9 a.m. So I still have about 30 minutes left.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020
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