Art History in Vibrant Matter

The Art History program is hoping to create a discussion chapter of Read on Elon in which a group of students, primarily those who are majors or minors in Art History, will read and analyze Jane Bennett's 2010 book Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things. While the targeted audience of this book club will be those with interests in art history, students from other disciplines are also invited to partake in these intellectual gatherings, especially those with interests in political science and environmental seeing as this book is coming from a political scientist's perspective and relates to ecological interests.

To advertise this event we will create flyers to be posted across campus, especially in areas of campus where students of art history, political science, and environmental science can be typically found such as Powell House, Lindner, Gray Pavilion, and the campus greenhouse.

These flyers will advertise the title of the book as well as a brief summation of the book itself and how this book club will be open to all students, especially those with art historical, political science, or environmental science leanings, and will also include that this event is “sponsored by Eta Chapter, Phi Beta Kappa.

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” An email address will be included on the flyer for those who are interested in participating to contact and further information about when we will specifically meet, how to acquire the book, and any other necessary information will then be sent out to those who have shown interest. In conjunction with this, professors within the Art History, Political Science, and Environmental Science departments will be contacted and asked to advertise the event to their class students to get the word out further.

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We hope that this event will be a space for interdisciplinary discussion among all three departments because it provides interesting perspectives to all disciplines involved.

In total, we estimate that approximately ten students will partake in this book club. We would like to schedule our discussion for some point around the end of October or the beginning of November to enable students with time to read the approximately 200 page book at a point in the school year that won't coincide with finals or midterms, yet this date could very well change based on the conveniences of those participating. The books will be distributed from Powell House which will also act as the location of where this discussion will be held. Additional funds for refreshments will also be ideal and would be included as an attraction within the flyers if they could be afforded for this event.

Updated: Oct 08, 2022
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