Immigrants and The American Dream; The Idea Of The American Dream

The American dream, some people migrate to the united states in search of the English desire: power, security, and prosperity/success in time that they have always dreamt of. Power, security, and prosperity/success all identity how property is part of the American dream, and how these people got to accomplish it here in the USA and not at their homeland. Sadly, these people of color and the American dream don’t set up to great. I think that this is because it can’t be well received because of incorrect training and never being given the change to present what they’re made of.

Experiencing the American dream, today I wonder what this means. If that it’s just the desire for most? Those household that attempt to put food on this table are they experiencing this American dream. Some of those immigrants sacrificed their businesses, their relationships, connections, their languages in their homeland to begin their new life in America.

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And thrive at achieving them. Immigrants and American dream, immigrants were being discriminate: treated unfairly, ridiculed, and unacknowledged for their bad job.

The American dream is all about money. The American dream isn’t the parameters of the tragic hero the Americans today can make the dream impossible to live because of what the standards are for the American dreams are today. The Americans today turned the American dream into something most Americans will never be able to achieve because of the extremely high standards that are set for them.

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Being the child of an immigrant, it is very important for me to work hard and receive the best education possible. I have been working hard since I was 16 and I am proud of my accomplishments. I am also proud of my family’s history and heritage. It is my job to do something positive with my life that would not have been easy to achieve had my family remained in Eritrea. Since I am the only child of my mother, it is also important that I set an example for other Eritrean’s. My mother has always been a strong supporter of my education. Her support has helped me to become a better person. Controlling one’s own destiny is the last essential part of the “American dream”. Rare in the world. I believe that we should be able to control our own destiny.

The American dream is a very important idea because it allows us to achieve our goals. When you think about your life would look like without these dreams, you will realize that it would be very difficult to achieve them? Therefore, I believe that people should strive for their dreams. I believe that everyone has a dream, whether it’s an individual or group goal. The American dream is a very important concept because it gives us hope and motivation to get through any obstacle in life. We all have dreams, but sometimes they just seem impossible to accomplish and we need to work hard at achieving them. We all could succeed in life. I believe that everyone should strive to achieve their dream. It is a belief that we all have the right to pursue our dream. 

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Updated: Feb 14, 2024
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