Ideas, Emotions and Innovation: Riding The Amazement Cycle

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Any business is dominated by planning and strategy but that alone is not sufficient to drive the business. All business don’t run on logic but also on emotions. Emotions are that powerful tools that can create most successful ideas in any buiseness. They have the power to motivate people to that extent that they start performing better than the most logical persons.

The Amazement Cycle- It talks about how logic and emotions works when something new comes to the world.

Various phases of amazement cycles are

Worry: First phase of any new idea is worry where we feel that there is something which is missing in the system, we have the feeling of resistance and denial, the indifference but we are not able to figure out the same. There is an option to forget about it and ignore and nova forward but there is something inside which forces to think deep about it. Same thing happens in business as well where unproven business method may seem to fail but what seems implausible may turn out to be the next big thing.

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The main idea is to have contingent thinking through which analysing what makes a business fail.

Intrigue: After worry comes Intrigue. New ideas should be thought of as an opportunity rather than a threat. To indulge in intrigue, one should try experimentation and play as play is like a toy version of the real world which creates excitement. Unlike Real world, there is no pressure and is not limited by practical constraints.

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In early stages of developing ideas, we are fighting for imagination as there is no method to calculate its mechanical value or NPV. The need was to lower the lower the barriers to reveal hidden possibilities behind the idea.

Inspiration: After Intrigue comes Inspiration. The special thing about inspiration is that it makes us curious and energised as we start seeing possibilities in the ideas. Amazement and innovation are inherently social phenomena’s. We begin to own the idea and starts feeling excited to share the idea with others. One of the example is also demonstrated to show this. Yogurt as a product used to be unfamiliar in US and western Europe but in mid-20th century around 1941, Daniek Carasso purchased a yogurt shop and converted it from weird product to exciting product.

Boredom: After some time, Boredom stage is reached and we start avoiding the things. It is a very important phase because boredom is necessary for further innovation. We can’t stay in the high pitch of excitement permanently. We tend to get bored from the same thing and this is the thing which leads to further innovation.

Annoyance: As new ideas started floating, the original creator of the idea moves to full penetration. The early adopters of any ideas are self-motivated but the laggards are being pushed to do it and require extra motivation. There is reparative emphasis which becomes very annoying and many people will forward toward new Intrigue.

Updated: Feb 18, 2024
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