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Paper type: Essay Pages: 5 (1073 words)

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Dissertation Title: Mobile phone security awareness in ICP and Portsmouth University student

Protocol Version: 1.0

Protocol Date:

Dissertation Supervisor (ICP )

Name: :- Tom Haddign

Telephone Number:N.A

Email::- [email protected]

Degree Path (PMP): Pre-Master Programme of Science and Technology


Experimental start date: 2019


In the security discussion, the mobile gadget being attacked as a target because Smartphone is as much as computer can provide people. Accordingly, information and data will be stores in user’s phone so attackers can easily break and theft data easily.

In earlier studies have research the mobile devices cause extreme harm to user personal privacy and cause huge security problem to commercial as well, this research examine mobile phone security awareness between the University of Portsmouth and ICP students. Finding that the extreme level of lack of awareness about mobile gadget security among university students.

Keywords: Mobile Gadget, Security, Awareness


The character of mankind living has been significant changed by gadget technology and personal life’s.

Most of the people use their laptop, handheld PC and mobile devices in our daily routine life. There is demography indicate that mobile gadget personal users of the device 4.57 billion users in (2018), which is grown up in next year’s it will be 4.68 billion users in (2019). In current situation there are number of people uses Smartphone in worldwide. Nowadays, users can deal with mostly all function of both professional and personal use. Furthermore the cost of gadget heavily dependent on the advantage of the Smartphone, and people facing more problems regarding data security threats while they are using Wi-Fi connection. A certain report released that more than million mobile malware detected, which is never seen in past decade ago. There are various user may infected to the malware thread for personal and business both. Unfortunately, a new survey graph shows many user are still lack of basic security on their mobile devices.

There are lots of vulnerabilities about not only software but also hardware. In this dissertation, I will elaborate several general ones which are include in all mobile devices platforms. Moreover, I will search out a number of possible steps of preventing weaknesses.


The primary research question being asked in this dissertation is;

“To what extent are smartphone users aware of the potential security risks when using their smartphones?”

Sub-questions that arise from this are;

Whether there is an awareness amongst smartphone users of malicious threats and risks to their smartphone devices

Whether there is any concern amongst smartphone users about these threats and risks.

What steps, if any, are smartphone users taking to protect their privacy and security when using their smartphone?

The primary objective of this research is to explore the extent to which Smartphone users are aware of the potential security risks when using their Smartphone. This dissertation also seeks to determine whether Smartphone users are actually concerned about the risks and if they are taking any steps to protect their personal data on their Smartphone.

3.HYPOTHESES (If applicable)

This below table shows that the male compare to female Smartphone’s users increased. If i compared male in percentage there are (41.9) Percentage uses their Smartphone’s.

And if i compared female in there are number of female percentage will be increased (58.1)

Gender Frequency Percentage

Male 65 41.9

Female 90 58.1

Total 155 100

If i compare with age in percentage (21-30) age people more uses of Smartphone’s(36.1) out off 100.

And (31-40) age users Smartphone’s uses are near by the (21-30) age. It is nearby (20.6).

There are multiple user uses their different Operating System. But highest user uses their OS is Android. because Android is easily to understand to all the people, The percentage of Android users use their operating system is (60.0).Second highest user is IOS it is near by the android user, it is (36.1) and (3.9) user use others operating system.

Mobile Phone users Age

Age Frequency Percentage

< 21 36 23.2

21-30 56 36.1

31-40 32 20.6

41-50 24 15.5

>50 7 4.5

Total 155 100

Mobile phone users Operating System

Operating System Frequency Percentage

Android 93 60.0

IOS 56 36.1

Others 6 3.9

Total 155 100.0


Approach/Philosophy: Positivistic

Methodology: Survey

Method: Questionnaire

4.1Study Design

[State the fundamental methodology you are applying to the research study and design, e.g. qualitative , quantitative or mixed methods and give brief reasons for any limitations in that design.]

[State the research methods you intend to use in the study and justify their inclusion e.g., questionnaires, structured, semi-structured or unstructured interviews, fileld notes, reflexive journals, analysis of documents and materials.]

4.2Study Size

21 Justify the study size

[State clearly the intended minimum and maximum numbers of participants, giving the rationale for these].

4.3Sampling strategy

Probability: Simple Random

Probability Stratified

Probability Systematic

[State any criteria for accepting volunteers as participants e.g. age, gender, demographics, subject specific knowledge, experience, profession, etc.]

[State how you will recruit participants e.g. volunteer participants will be recruited from; students / staff from ICP, local residents, local companies, etc. Clarify how consent will be sought; sending out further written details (participant information sheet) before a verbal briefing prior to seeking consent.]


[Describe the data collection process in complete detail, e.g. quantitative data via questionnaires and / or qualitative data via interviews. Provide a timeline to show clearly who is doing what and when.]

4.5Exclusion Criteria


[State here the methods or reasons for exclusion e.g. not within the target group criteria as specified within the sampling strategy].

4.6 Data Analysis

Excel Analysis


www.appsanywhere.port.ac.uk[Explain any descriptive, numerical, or other analysis which is required, and then describe the statistical techniques (if any) to be used.]


[State how, when and where the results will be reported, particularly if staged or interim reports are to be prepared.]


5.1Withdrawal Criteria

Participants will be withdrawn from the study on attaining any of the following criteria:

a.on the request of the participant

b.on the decision of the principal investigator or supervisor


[State and assess the potential risks inherent in the study].


[Include here any references cited above.]


The following supplementary information is enclosed with this protocol:

Consent Form (if required)

Questionnaire ((if required)

Interview questions (if required)


Principal Investigator:




Please initial each box if content

1. I confirm that I have read and understood the attached information sheet for the above study. I confirm that I have had the opportunity to consider the information, ask questions and that these have been answered satisfactorily.

2. I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I am free to withdraw at any time without giving any reason without my legal rights being affected.

3. I agree to take part in this study

[Principle Investigators Please Note that you should add other statements and tick boxes required specifically for your project e.g. Consent to video record, take photographs etc.]

Name of Participant:Date:Signature:


Name of Person taking Date:Signature:



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