How to Clean Different Types of Shower Heads

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There are attention-grabbing data about American bathing. The researchers found out that 58% of Americans are taking a shower in the morning, 10% in the afternoon and 32% in the evening. Average shower length for teenagers under age 18 is 15:22 minutes, for adult female 10:47 minutes and for adult male 9:58 minutes. Americans begin showering in the age of 8.2 years and use per shower 26.3 gallons of water. Average shower temperature for all adults is 102.2 Fahrenheit.

The conventional shower head as we all know it was invented in 1959 in the USA by Weldon G.

Ervin. He introduced pulsating flow of water to existing shower head construction. The object of the invention was to create a shower head, which may be assembled and disassembled by an unskilled person. The shower head became less noisy and more suitable for hydrotherapy purposes. It was stimulating blood circulation in the body of the user.

Of course, people not solely bath in the showers. You can also sing a song and even play guitar in the showers - the acoustics there is great.

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Sometimes we get our best creative ideas in the shower. This happens because most of us bathe in quiet solitude, not interrupted by social media. When you use the shower head to increase water pressure your mind wanders. While relaxing in a shower you can get an inspirational shower thought.

Disassembling And Cleaning Shower Heads

Cleaning shower heads takes a lot of time, if you have to fix clogged shower drain with miles of hair in it or to change shower heads.

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Sometimes shower heads break. Calling a repair man is pricey. For repairs you need a tool kit with basic hand tools - a couple of Philips screwdrivers, flathead screwdrivers, and an adjustable wrench. Sometimes slip-joint pliers and long-nose pliers are rather helpful for this job. Also buy a tape measure, a claw hammer, and a utility knife. You can buy a utility knife with retractable blade for less than 10 dollars. It will last for a long time.

You need to understand the basic construction of the shower heads to clean, install, repair and replace them once required.

  1. To scrub out inside the shower head you need to disassemble it first. Remove the shower row from the shower by unscrewing the head from the halls. Try not to lose the rubber seal inside, keep shower head elements in a safe place. On some showers you get a little screw in the middle, where you can unscrew and take it apart. It's difficult to get the shower head open.
  2. Shower head got 3 adjustments for the various spray settings, then it comes to a stop. You need to get a good grip when it comes to the final stop. Keep turning it very tight, particularly if it's wet.
  3. Keep turning, if this is the first time you open your shower head up you're likely to find a lot of limescale. Push it out from the inside, some paper may help. Punch the holes of the shower head for cleaning out scrub.
  4. Once it is clean, it's time to reassemble the shower head. The first thing you've got little rubber bits and this tiny part with the spring line. Lock into the three different turns. Make certain you got these rubbers in the right place. If the rubber sits on there it might be a little bit sticky and dry. Simply place some washing-up liquid on the rubber to lubricate it.
  5. Make certain the rubber goes over the lip, wrap your hand around it and you'll be pushing against the springs. It's vital that you get this part sitting nice and flush. Once you've really assembled at the end you'll find you get plenty of water or spraying out the edges. Push in to compress the springs.
  6. See if it's working right and then rub your wrap around it to hold it down. Lock it in, turn it into the drops in and just put your screw back in to turn any scrub.

How Does LED Shower Heads Work?

No batteries are ever required for the LED shower heads, which are powered by running water. Due to advanced technology built-in turbine generates enough power to light generic LEDs. When it connects to the water, LED emits blue, green or red light depending on the preferred water temperature. Most costly LED shower heads include the temperature sensor, Bluetooth speaker, and music player. But there are also low-priced models on the market with many shower settings. They typically come with a one-year warranty.

Sleek futuristic design and LED lights can impress guests and relatives alike. You can select from the ceiling mounted LED shower heads, square LED shower heads and rectangular shaped ones. Turbine powered LED shower heads promise an easy twist on installation. It takes 5 minutes to install even if you are installing a shower head the first time.

Shower Heads Feel Like Summer Rain

Find several shower head units to choose from to renovate your bathroom. Unlike the initial 1959 model, contemporary advanced shower heads have various settings and are very quiet. Most of the shower head fittings on the market are in chrome or stainless steel. But you will be able to choose from LED shower heads, brushed nickel or oiled bronze shower head parts, based on the design you prefer in your bathroom.

Most of the offered shower heads are mounted either on the wall or even the ceiling or handheld. Decide the kind of shower head to increase water pressure in your tub. Most effective shower heads supply aerating technology. They combine air and water to make the most sensual showering experience possible.

Elegant and stylish shower head models are the best complement to a modern bathroom. Different versions, sizes and prices of shower heads allow to transform your mundane shower into an amazing experience. A large shower head can offer the fun, intriguing look to the entire bathroom.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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