Communication Between the Program Office and Department Heads

Problems facing Greyson corporation  The Neptune program is 35% behind their schedule. There is lack of communications between program office and the department managers  Department managers refused to take responsibility for tasks that had traditionally been joint department responsibilities  Department managers refused to have their employees work on Sundays to try to get the program back on track  Greyson corporation relied on two major programs to stay afloat and now the department of defence announced there won’t be any further buys of the Hercules missile  The relationship between management and employees is on the decline in other words it is deteriorating.

Since now Greyson lost Hercules missile, the higher overhead rates threatened to increase total program costs by $1 million on the Neptune program.  Since the Greyson management on March 1,1997 decided to give merit salary increase to the key employees in all in-house programs at the same time laying off 700 employees, the remaining employees of Greyson by March 15 formed a strike  Inventory costs were increasing as well.

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items bought during long lead funding were approaching shelf life limits. chances were the cost impact would be as high as $1 million  The fact that the 35 Cameron employees are now earning salaries above the department mean salary it caused reduction in man hours even to a great extend to the old Greyson employees.

Conclusions about Greyson Corporations actions Despite that Greyson corporation is very optimist, if this poor communication between department management continues Greyson corporation won’t be able to finish the Neptune missile program  It is quite clear that the upper management at Greyson corporation does not have a good communication with lower management that might result in favouritism towards employees over other  Both the lower level department and the employees at Greyson Corporation did not receive a fair treatment.

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This will result in both departments being likely to feel motivated or cooperate with the upper level management. Thus they won’t make any efforts and sacrifices to make this project a success  Greyson management’s lack of planning and failing to take note of various warnings signs of potential negativity and further that can result in the similar situation to that of Cameron corporation.

The costs need to be reigned in. their timeline needs to be restored. there is no way this is going to happen unless everyone works together as a team to get it done  Therefore, the only choice they have for now is working together as team so that this project will get back on track. Otherwise Greyson may find themselves in a similar situation that Cameron Corporation faced. Should a company have a moral obligation to its employees? If so, how?  Yes, it must have moral obligations at this point the survival of Greyson Corporation on the Neptune program is at stake. At kind of situation whether a company have a moral obligation to its employees it is very difficult to oblige when you know your work is at risk. Employees sometimes are placed in a situation that may require a moral or ethical decision.

Companies can make this moral obligation by creating a corporate credo or standard practice manual that provides clear guidelines on how these decisions should be made. This guideline will include and identify the order in which some stakeholders within a company interests should be satisfied. If you were the president of Greyson, would your actions have been any different? If so, how? If I were the president of Greyson at this current situation. I would have taken serious precautions when the department of Defence in December 1976 announced that there would be no further buys of the Hercules missile which is one of Greyson major program for cash flow. This precaution would have helped me to plan for it so it would not interfere with the Neptune missile program.

Again I would not have made merit salary increases to the key employees in all in-house programs and again lay off certain employees because this kind of move clearly I would be setting up a trap for myself in the future. Especially brand new employees while cutting the hours and laying off employees who have been with the company for many years. Remember a company have moral obligations to its employees. The role the customer must take they can write the suggestion and put it in the suggestion box of the company or in the complaining box. Activities E starting L starting  Therefore, this implies that activities with zero slack can’t be delayed while not moving the whole project length and are known as critical activities. Hence, path consists of a path of critical activities and is given by activities.

Critical path Activities that lie on the critical path can’t be delayed while not delaying the whole project length. Since time is a crucial objective in programming, the critical path is what the project manager should target. It helps the manager to calculate the minimum length of your time during which the project may be completed, and that activities ought to prioritise to complete the project among its point in time. To end a project on time, the critical path calculations facilitate the project manager to target the essential activities to that attention and resources ought to be devoted. It provides a good basis for the programming and observation of progress .

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