How Technology Has Changed The Way We Communicate

Has technology completely changed our daily lives? I think technology has changed daily life because it has changed the way we communicate, the way we go to places, and the way we handle disease.

First, technology has changed the way we communicate. One way it has changed this is people don’t need to get together to talk. People used to need to send mail to each other, and mail would take a long time to get to its destination before.

Mail takes about one to three days to reach its destination. Less than half the American population today uses regular mail. People used to carriage ride or walk to each other's houses which would both take a long time. Carriages take about fifteen to twenty minutes to go a mile. But now they can just call or email each other instead of these things people used to do to communicate. More than half the American population uses Email. Like use Discord, Skype, Facebook, Facetime, Snapchat, and Etc.

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A rough seventy three percent of the population use social media. Also, an astonishing three point two billion people use the internet as of 2015.

Second, technology has changed the way we go to places, and travel. Like the way we explore like when Europeans crossed the Atlantic ocean with boats it had taken months. But, now with our new modern boats we can do it in just eight days. Or, we could just fly over the ocean entirely. It can take an airplane six to eight hours to go across the atlantic ocean.

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Also it changed the way we drive people used to drive carriages or ride animals now we drive cars, and the cars are way more efficient than animals. The cars are a way to get to work instead of either working in a city so you can work there because, carriages are to slow. The fastest carriage ever could only go about forty miles per hour. Compared to cars which can top at 100 MPH(Miles per hour) to around 200 MPH. You can live away from your work, and still work there with modern day cars.

Furthermore, my last way that technology has changed daily life is diseases and such like that. Because before our tech was so advanced if you were sick you were almost certainly dead. But thanks to our advanced tech there’s a cure or vaccination for almost anything. Only if it’s a new disease or something (Because there’s like 20 different types of disease like bacteria, etc) is it not currently cureable. Epidemiologists (disease scientists) just need to research, and experiment with currently incurable diseases to make them cureable.

Finally, this will be the end I had stated my three reasons. This is the way technology has changed our daily lives in many ways like the way we communicate, the way we go to places, and the way we handle diseases.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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