How Important Is the Approach in Teaching Schools

I believe that everyone is intelligent but if you judge a bird’s ability to swim, it will live their entire life thinking they are worthless

Modern schooling systems. Not only do they force birds to swim, but also makes them ride a bicycle and swim 30 laps. So tell me, are you satisfied of what you’ve done? Telling millions of kids to dream big and shoot for the stars then proceed to lock them up for 12 years and tell them where to sit, when to pee and what to think.

Do you know how many kids out there who relate to that bird? Flying around in class.. never finding their talents, thinking they are dumb, believing they are worthless. Are you proud of killing creativity and individuality? Living in a world where teachers teach in front of 30 kids each one having different strengths, different weaknesses, different dreams and you teach the same thing the same way?

They never taught us about the importance of failure or how to manage money.

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But hey, a periodic table has 7 periods and 18 groups. They never taught us about the law or how to get a job BUT GUYS, Macbeth murdered duncan oh and don’t forget that macbeth dies in the end. They never taught us how to deal with stress, but at least we know that the square root of 625 is 25. Don’t get me wrong, math is important but so is art, so is music, so is photography. We spend so much time blaming our teachers but they are not the problem.

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They’re just the ones that work in a system that lacks options and privileges. It’s a system created by people who have never taught a day in their life. A system where teenagers, including me, have to sit in class and wonder why are we learning this? When do we need this? Am I the only one that doesn’t understand this?

Man, I sure do relate to that bird. Considering the fact that I spend a lot of my time bringing myself down and questioning whether or not i’m useful in this world just because I can’t answer a math equation without taking 5 thousand hours or not being able to understand what the hell macbeth is trying to say and there is no kid out there who deserves to feel that they are stupid, no one is stupid, we’re all just taking different paths. Think of it like this, if you were to give the exact same medicine to all of the different patients at the hospital with different needs, it would end horribly and so many patients would get sick yet this is exactly what’s happening in our school right now.

But, Maybe, maybe you can’t relate to me, maybe you do enjoy spending time defining isotopes and you know what? That’s great. Maybe that means that you’re being taught something you might actually need for your future, something that’s right for YOU. But that’s the thing, that’s you. Not me, not us, not them and after years and years of schooling, nothing changes. Schools are still the same, schools are still teaching the same things. What is a school’s purpose? To prepare us for the future? Yet nothing has changed? The whole purpose of school is to prepare for you for life in the real world, instead we sit in a classroom ruled by people who are intellectually abusive and killing our creativity.

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