Hotel Rwanda Has Shown Human Connection in Many Forms

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“ I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment, and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship. “ - Brene Brown. Human connection is very important to everybody and it is seen everywhere. Human connection can be shown through many things. It can be shown through people talking or even people hurting each other. But it can also affect many people in different ways and forms.

There are many things that have shown us human connection. First Of All, After the second world war, the largest killing of a group took place, which was the Holocaust.

The Holocaust was an event that showed plenty of human connection.

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The Holocaust was a period of time in which many people suffered. It started in 1941 and lasted till 1945. The Holocaust was a genocide against all Jews and was led by Adolf Hitler. According to “ Encyclopedia.Org “, The reason for the genocide was because Adolf believed that all Germans were superior and that the Jews were a threat to the community.

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The Holocaust took 6 million Jewish lives. This showed human connection because all Germans came to the conclusion that they had to wipe out the jews. The jews also showed human connection because they all stuck by each other's side in order to be able to survive. The novel “ Night “ by Elie Wiesel showed us exactly what the jews went through during that time. Not only is the novel “ Night “ based on the Holocaust but it also shows us many forms of human connection. The main character and author is Elie Wiesel.

Elie’s novel showed us the difficulties that the jews had to go through. During the Holocaust in 1944, Elie and his family got thrown into concentration camps where they had to work. When they arrived at the camp the German soldiers separated Elie from his mom and his sister. After that Elie never saw them again. This showed how the connection that the family once had was now only a memory. On page 34 it showed us how Elie and his dad were heading towards camp when they saw the German soldiers throwing children into fire pits. This was another example of how human connection was starting to decrease. Sons even began to abandon and beat their fathers. (Wiesel 101.) Human connection was shown throughout the story. It was shown when the German soldiers mistreated the Jews. An example of that was When Elie‘s dad asked if he could go use the bathroom. The German soldier laughed and slapped him. (Wiesel 39.)

This showed how the German soldiers connected with each other in order to make the Jews life hard. Elie began to lose his humanity and his faith, both in god and the people around him. The Holocaust had a terrible impact on Elie’s life. Another source that showed us human connection was “Hotel Rwanda.” Hotel Rwanda is a screenplay which was written by Terry George. Hotel Rwanda was turned into a motion picture in 2004. The theme of the screenplay was human connection and it showed it in many forms. Hotel Rwanda was a film that showed us what occurred during the Rwandan genocide, which occurred in 1994. The film was based on The Hutu army attacking the Tutsi army. Paul, the main character, tried his best to save the terrorized families that seeked shelter in his hotel. Paul risked his life in order to be able to save them. Hotel Rwanda connects to human connection because Paul tried to convince the refugees to connect with other people so they could help them. Paul says, “say goodbye, but when you say goodbye say it though as you are reaching through the phone and touching their hands.”

A piece of evidence was when all Hutu people were storming around the streets looking for Rwandan people to kill. This showed human connection because the army connected with each other in order to get revenge on the people of Rwanda. In the 1990s the Africans were at war. The Hutu and Tutsi had similar connections because they both caused many deaths. Trying to understand the number of lives that were destroyed in the Rwandan genocide is overwhelming. A genocide is the killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nationality. According to “, “ the Soviet famine was another genocide that occurred. The Soviet famine was a major famine that killed millions of people. It was happening in the grain producing areas of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Famine was caused by low harvest due to natural disasters. It was said that 9 million people died due to that. This relates to human connection because all the people that lived there had to connect with each other. They had to connect with each other in order to survive. Connections happened in many forms during this genocide.

The connections that happen during genocides change people’s lives. Many genocides have occurred during the years and have had great impacts on history. Not just in history but also in people’s lives. Genocides have shown us plenty of human connections. Another source that has shown us human connection was the story “Catch The Moon.” Catch the moon is a story based on a guy named Luis. There was a strong connection between Luis and his mom. But his mom ended up dying due to cancer. After his mom died Luis became a troubled guy, he got sent to juvie for 6 weeks for breaking and entering. What happened in the story was that Luis’s dad ended up making him work for him in his tire shop. The connection between Luis and his dad wasn't as strong as it used to be. Luis didn't care about anything until he met Naomi. When he met Naomi Luis instantly felt like he knew her. Human connection was shown when Luis put his feelings of loneliness aside to connect with Naomi. Luis and Naomi’ connection got stronger because Naiomi understood everything that Luis was going through. Luis connected a lot with her that he spent a lot of time looking for the right thing to fit the wheel of her car. In conclusion Catch The Moon showed many connections.

With Luis and other people. Like his dad, his mom, and Naomi. Catch the moon had many interactions. To sum up, human connection is a big part of the world. Human connection can occur in many ways and forms. Body one and two showed us the connections that occurred during the Holocaust. The novel “ Night “ showed us exactly what the jews went through during that time. Most of the interactions that happened there were bad. Body three talked about “ Hotel Rwanda.” Hotel Rwanda showed us human connection through the interactions of the Hutu and Tutsi people. Those interactions changed many things. The fifth body talked about “Catch The Moon.” Catch the moon was a good story and it had human connection in it. Unlike The other stories Catch The Moon had connections that were good. To sum up, these three texts connect with each other because they all have to do with human connection. Either they say some bad things that have happened with human connection or some good things. Human connection is important too understand because it helps you connect deeply with somebody.

Updated: Jan 09, 2022
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