Hospitality Accommodation Preparations

Hospitality is the process of a relationship and endeavors between the guest and the host that the host acts towards the guest, that includes reception, accommodation, feeding, and home entertainment of the visitor. For that reason hospitality in the hotel industry refers to the services offered by the hotel to their visitors that includes; acoomodation, careering, and entertainment of the visitors (Medlik 2003). In order to attain client complete satisfaction, the essential point is at the reception point. Since in the quick growing and vibrant company world today, humans tend to need the very best, quick, quality services that fulfill inter national standards.

For that reason to meet these customers’ needs there’s a requirement to have a well structured system that takes into consideration the requirements of the clients at the initial point of entry to hotel. Therefore it requires the hotel management system to put in place a better computerised system to deliver services effectively. In many cases the front office is usually installed which is to deal straight with customers that process the booking of the spaces, monitoring of the reserves, organize and check payments, prepares the arrival lists(Barrows, Clayton 1999).

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These are done through setting up the software application in the computer system that supplies s the financial information which is required to take orders and supply efficient service to customers. The case of SAN MARCO hotel in Italy. Customer is able to book the lodging prior to the check out through the advance reservation system that is offered on the site.

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This allows the SAN MARCO hotel customer to experience the dignity of the hotel effective and its capability to fulfill the consumer’s requirements at high requirements, which is tailored towards customer fulfillment.

At the reception one is able to check rooms, assigned rooms, prepare the arrival list, guest registration that includes: name, nationality, and passport number. Date of arrival and departure, and net destination as well. Arrange and check payments, and check out guests efficiently. The system also has the tariff structure of the various rooms and the wide range of services. There is a great importance in the employing of the front office system approach since the system has; graphical reservation calendars which highlights status of all rooms, for all given dates that is specified daily, weekly, monthly (Medlik 2003)..

Also system identifies the room by the names, numbers or both, these makes the system self reliant in such away that it avoids the errors in booking of customers rooms by eradicating the element of double booking. The service delivery is quick at the reception due to the element of command using copy and paste reservations for quick booking and rooms spilt, whereby the reservation information is entered logically but flexibly, that that is convenient for both the staff and management to have the updates.

In addition thee information to the special guests such as the repeating guests is automatically entered once the guest is selected from customers list, whereby the past room preferences, special interests of the guest are availed by the system (Payne 2005). These will enable the staff to work quickly while the guest may get preferential treatment as it may be stipulated by the management for a returning guest to the hotel. The confirmation letters, commison of the travelling agents and tax summaries are automatically tracked and displayed.

These enable the hotel as an institution with a government system to help the upkeep of countries law and orders. Once the guest has checked in, the there is the flexible guest billing system. The billing system is used to chare room; whether B&B, DB&B in single room ,double, triple, charges of the guest in bar, restaurant, entertainment ,also multiply the the item types. The billing system also incorporates the tax models. However the system may result to big loss accrued from system error that may result to hotels heavy losses.

Therefore it’s a point of worth to have the system updated and maintained regularly to avoid the erroneous transaction. The system may also prove to be expensive due to regular demand for a proper update and maintenance therefore may have negative impact on the profit margin of the hotel. At the SAN MARCO hotel the room tariffs varies as in the list below: Single rooms 175 EUR Double 235 EUR Double superior 265 EUR Triple 265 EUR

The price above is inclusive of; I dinner 1 grandola ride 1 bottle of Italian wine. The variation in the tariff of the rooms above is brought about the relative importance of the hotel factors in relation to the overall customer’s satisfaction and the economic status. These two factors largely determine the essence under which the tariffs are designed by the pricing agents. However there are other issues that are factored in during the the price determination by pricing agents and the hotel management.

The quality of the services offered by the hotel staff, which to a great extend determine the hotel input and level of customers satisfaction these may be seen in terms of the salaries to the professional hotel staff that is comparatively high as attached to the expatriate services offered. There is also an element of the room quality both in terms of the space and the facilities in that given room. For instance the triple room is much bigger in size than the single room, contains internet connection, TV set and music system.

Thereby reflecting on the difference of 90 EUR. Can be justified in the sense of the maintenance costs of the room facilities, and several external bills attached to triple room as the electricity and the electronic payments resulting from the net connection. Other determinanants are housing survey, exchange rates of the currencies, influence of the pricing agents and the cost of living in Italy that translates to price index. However despite all the variations of the prices the hotel has a monitoring mechanism that sees that the stipulated goals are achieved.

The basic indicators are visual ones which act as a benchmark for the front office services. These include the customer’s demands and expectations are dealt with using the back flush system that establishes the contact withy the customer. Through the use of well elaborated back order which ensures that whatever that is not available the guest is informed and will be worked on by the staff so as to be delivered to the customers to meet his demand (Barrows, Clayton 1999).

The convenient rooms allocation through employing of the backward scheduling, whereby the rooms are given starting when hey will be unoccupied and available to avoid conflicting booking. Other indicator is the request by the management for the guests to fill the service questionnaires that can enhance the improvement of the service delivery. All this gives the feedback mechanism to management to evaluate whether the services delivered are of high standards. The receptionists play a very significant role in the attainment of the SAN MARCO hotel objectives.

This because of their careful observation of the office ethics and display of etiquette. This evident in any of the set up through the notice of the principles governing her work and description, the policy lines that contain specific strategies for the specific issues, then on the novice there is measures that should be taken or the legal requirements to be met by the clients and lastly practices which stipulates the behaviour of the receptionist to carry out policy measures (Medlik 2003).

These healthy practises have enabled the establishment of the strong and confident relationship between the customers and the SAN MARCO hotel. In addition to the well structured organisation, the hotel staff uses friendly approaches to arouse demand and publicise the hotel business (Barrows, Clayton 1999). These methodise are at the sell agent they employ face to face. This is very reliable as it has the touch of humanistic value and enables proper explanations to clarify the customer’s questions and dissatisfaction.

Through the use of the telemarketing whereby the use of phone calls, telex, faxes that is convenient to the customer, they also use trade shows and exhibition on hospitality business. In addition the staff uses advertisement on the World Wide Web, business journals and the use of the catalogues. Which are effective in creating consumer awareness. As far as the staff in the sales and marketing department, it translates to the accommodation and careering services department to employ the use of a proper and efficient technique to allocate the limited rooms to many customers than may wish to use the accommodation facilities.

The main challenge normally arises from the conflicting interest of the profit margin and the time to attain it in relation to the client’s market flexibility and reliability (Medlik 2003). These are in terms of two conflicting clients between the pleasure travellers and the business bookings which usually pay relatively high but unreliable. Due to this management challenge, the staff uses the theory of booking limit decision. Whereby business clients have minimum urgent reservations and the pleasure travellers have got the specific percentage of rooms of a bout 35% to 48%. SAN MARCO hotel are really good adventure for great relaxing moments.

howevwer this not the main attribute to the greatness of the hotel but the well organised front office system which makes it convenient for all processing of the transactions both quantitatively and qualitatively within short time frame. In conclusion the use of the front office has the greatest advantage to both the customer and the business organisation employing it. Since it’s easier to be integrated to other operational systems such as internet to make it more convenient and efficient to meet the needs of guest or customers. In addition expand the business operations significantly (Payne 2005).

On the other hand it increases business accessibility to the customers in order to meet and satisfy their needs in the industry. But however the system installation and maintenance may prove to be of negative impact on the business output.

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