Homeostasis Lab Report

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Mr. Bell’s honors level chemistry class conducted an experiment during their lab demonstrations, this consisted of elements such as phosphorus and calcium chloride in their experiment. This along with another hydrogen based sunstance produced, what looked like a pinkish-looking substance inside of their flasks that were at their lab stations.

Sophmore Kelly Caudel said, “ I actualley enjoy doing the experiments in this class, because it gives us a chance to get away from the bookwork and lectures that Mr. Bell usually makes us endure.

” It seemed as if the students in his class were showing tremendous progress in their efforts at their lab stations. That is, until one pair of students dropped their Erlenmyer flask that contained what was left of the chemical compound that was being created. A minute after the very noisy shatter of the glass, the whole class turned to see what had happened. While the two students very awkwardly cleaned up their mess, Mr. Bell procceeded in his efforts to help his students produce what would be a lovely pinkish-looking fluid, which was the result appropriate for the lab conducted.

Sophmore Chase Cabe exclaimed in a rather elated voice,” This was definitely the best lab that we have done in his class so far. I like mixing up the elements into compounds and seeing how they react to each other. The result turned out looking great.” As the lab drew to a close, both Mr. Bell and his students returned to their desks with the impression that they were both satisfied with what they had done during the duration of the lab.

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Homeostasis Lab Report
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