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Start up restaurant - Health shack


The name of our restaurant is health shack. It is a unique business in the Bahrain market as per our survey results. Health shack will provide its customers with a custom meal plan which can be daily, weekly, monthly package as per their preferences and calorie needs with home, work place delivery and dine in option. The location of health shack as per our survey analysis we selected Juffair area, as it’s having over all 19 gyms nearby Juffair and being one of the residential and commercial areas of Bahrain.

Will establishing healthy meal caf? a good idea for business in Bahrain?


Our goal is to serve our customers with healthy meals according to their needs. Help our customers to stay healthy. Have high standards of sanitation and quality of food served; help the people improve their health and eat nutrition food. Promote healthier meal and the message of staying fit and healthy.

Objective is to keep the sales increasing to attract and gain customers set goals to achieve profits and keep

One of our main objectives is to provide hygienic environment and food for our customers and employees to work maintain proper cleanliness.

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This will help us build trust and positive image with goodwill for health shack.


Health shack’s mission is to serve its customers in healthiest way possible with a reasonable price to offer on meal plans with dine in experience and delivery option.

Marketing plan:

The business marketing plan consists of researching the market, competitors and customers.

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The market research will give us an idea of what customers desires and needs.

Promotion and advertising, our business will focus on heavy advertising by distributing catalogues and flyers in gyms and health centre, because places like these will have a large number of our potential customers. We will also promote the trainers and coaches in the gyms and health centre to promote our business. And because social media is the new trending way of advertising, our business must invest heavily on social media to advertise and spread the word.

Financial budget:

Health shack financial budget of around BD 18000 will be invested by six partners each with investment of BD 3000 for start-up. No financial help from any other source will be taken unless needed.

BD 14000 will be invested as capital and BD 4000 as cash.

Start-up summary:

  • Caf origin and facilities:

A group of university students converged to set up a healthy serving meal restaurant for people who want to have a healthy nutritional menu serve in Bahrain. We were particularly enlivened by the this kind of restaurant idea in some GCC countries like Dubai and chose to bring this fresh out of the box concept to Bahrain. Our prime objective is to improve health of the people by serving then with nutritional meal.

  • Key to success:
  1. Customers preferences: Are expectations, we need to know what customers like and dislike. Plan our meal for each customer’s according to their needs and likings to serve better.
  2. Dine in and Delivery option: We offer easy ordering, without any annoying limitations. We let our customer’s choice from our meal package and it’s delivered, Or can have dine in at the restaurant.
  3. Quality and organic meal: We use only the organic ingredients for our meals and prepare every meal with healthy fresh ingredients
  4. Online ordering: Using the social media platform to connect with our customers to receive orders, customers can use social media such as whatapp or instagram to place order, choice their meal plan package.
  • Ownership of Health Shack:

The ownership will be in form of partnership among which 2 will be general partners who will handle the management activities of health shack and rest of the 4 partners will be sleeping partners who won’t involve in management activities but contribute in capital.

Market segment:

Target market segment:

Targeting and segment our market plan will focus on a specific group of people who want to get healthy, fit, gain weight and want to manage their diet in the process and even people who don’t have the time to cook meal or are busy with work or other commitments, our business will providing those people with their specific need of meals everyday delivered to their homes or work place.

we have conducted a survey in order to check the number of people from which age they belong to and their gender ,according to our survey we have collected/received 100 response’s out of which most of them belong to the age group of 18 to 30 years , out of which 52 were males and 47 were female .

Marketing strategy:

  • Sales strategy: Marketing strategy, after research and discussion, we decided to use the hunger market strategy. This strategy consists of hungering the market and building a massive desire within the consumers for our business. We can achieve this strategy by entering the market with huge advertising campaign, spreading the word and using social media to promote our business and only once a massive hype around of our business is build, we release the business and open to the eager market, this strategy will have bring in a massive number of customers from the very start of our business which we will be prepared for in term of production, but maintain those customers will be the main objective. Regarding promotion, our prices will be lower for the loyal customers; this will psychologically push the customer to be loyal, which will results in long-term profitable customer relationship.
  • Pricing strategy: Pricing strategy for health shack is to use Penetration pricing method where the cost of an item is at first set low to quickly achieve a wide part of the market. This technique takes a shot at the desire that customers will change to health shack as we will offer lower cost.


  • Our main focus and service is providing and plan meal prep to the consumer based on their choices and on their needs of nutritious.
  • Our business will also provide a delivering service; we will offer the delivering of meals to the customer location whether it’s their home or workplace. Using our database which will consist of the customer specific meal, location and time we will be able to provide this service effectively.
  • We also be having the option of dine-in. this services will also be available especially if the customer would rather have his/her meal in the store location. Dine in service will consist of provide facilities such as tables and chair, provide a good atmosphere and waiting service.
  • Lastly, we will provide the service of selling portion shacks supplies. Separated from the meals, we will also provide the selling of portion shacks.

Management strategy:

Employing qualified employee’s for health shack:

Having a friendly and experienced staff for health shack is a major advantage to be can be a positive impact on the customer Interaction. This can enhance the customer experience.

  • 1. The employee should have background in health and fitness.
  • 2. The employee should have good communication and customer services.
  • 3. Employee must have knowledge related to diet meals.
  • 4. Friendly welcoming and interacting with peoples.

SWOT Analysis:

  • Strengths: Incredible things can make health shack more attracting and fascinating. For customers who need to discover a spot where they can find out all about healthy and nutritional diets. This can meet the needs with help of perfect decoration and setup of the cafe.
    • Offering nourishing and quality meal.
    • Pricing structure is lower than the competitors.
    • Preparing a custom meal as per customer’s calorie needs and health.
  • Weakness: Health shack as being newly entering the being totally healthy menu people who’s not interested in having a healthy meal won’t be interested in visiting health shack.
    • As starting up the new business surviving can be challenging.
    • Availability to get needed supplies.
    • Getting experienced staff that has knowledge in regarding fitness and health.
    • Due to traffic orders could be delayed.
  • Opportunities: Health shack is a new idea of business emerging in Bahrain which can create opportunities for health shack to develop and grow. As not much of competitors
    • New concept of caf? can attract customers.
    • Creating a healthy menu for every one can help in growth.
  • Threats: As health shack is all about promoting nutritional and healthy meal for its customers although the part of customers won’t be interested trying out the meal from health shack.
    • Success of business can lead to competitors can copy the business idea.
    • As being newly established which can be hard to gain trust and attract customers to visit.

Government Rules and regulations:

As expatriates trying to set up a caf? Claimed by different partners in Bahrain, The most significant legitimate structure that suits our requirements is Limited Liability (WLL).

Highlights of a WLL: Limited liability, Local activities are permitted, Physical (local) office is required, annual accommodation of evaluated budget summaries.

Required Documents: Key information about yourself and the organization, Passport copies, attorney, Local office address, Draft Memorandum of Association or Articles of Association, Engagement letter

*Additional reports might be required dependent on your particular business activity.*

The EDB group has improved the way toward beginning a business in Bahrain into 3 simple advances.

  1. Set up all the required archives.
  2. Getting endorsements for the name of the organization, the proprietors, investors, and the structure. Once the above have been affirmed at that point, Commercial Registration authentication will be gotten. With the assistance of the underlying endorse we will contract representatives, open a financial balance, rent space. Yet, don’t begin your business exercises until stage 3 is finished.
  3. Getting last licenses and administrative endorsement : We need Receive civil endorsements, Receive endorsements from controllers and authorizing specialists, Pay for permitting charges and allows, Notaries and underwrite the organization’s recently framed Articles of Association/Memorandum of Association*, Deposit the organization’s paid-up cash-flow to your inclination. We will currently get our movement permit.

For our cafe we need the accompanying licenses: Food permit from service of wellbeing, Food examination License, Calorie depend on menu, Food and security check, Kitchen cleanliness check.

Financial plan:

  • Rent 2000 Start-up Capital 18000
  • (Electricity, Water and Municipality) 300 Equipment
  • Computer Software 150 Computer Equipment 500
  • Salaries 1530 tabs 150
  • Raw Material 1000 Music system 200
  • Marketing and Advertising 2000 Furniture 1000
  • Commercial Registration Fee 100 bikes 1000
  • Electricity Deposit 150
  • Staff Visa and LMRA 1000
  • Inventory 300
  • Total start-up Costs 8530 Total EQUIPMENT/CAPITAL COSTS 2850


We conducted the survey to analyse the demand for health shack, to know the market segment who would visit and to know the location to establish. We use Swot analysis to understand the competitors market.

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