Has Modern Technology Made The Society Better?

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In this modern society, people are experiencing rapid growth and development of technology that impacts nearly every aspect of life including medical, education, agriculture, and communication, industrial, financial among others. With the rapid pace of changes, many people are unaware of the rate and even the socio-cultural changes that are taking place due to modern technology. The essay seeks to explore its role and effects since the change impacts the culture and behavioral pattern of individuals. This realization can be referred to as social change.

Indeed technology has a deep connection to the society. It is important to note that technology is the use of cultural information in a way that would utilize available resources to make the life of a human being easy, as well as meet the needs and desires of people. This means that it involves the application of scientific tools and knowledge to counter problems experienced by people. Within the past ten years, technology has enabled people to do work easier and also made them be more comfortable in many ways, and its advantages outmatch its disadvantages; thus, it is safe to say that modern technology made the society better.

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Over the years technology has made a great impact on the world; thus, making the society better in many ways. Technologies such as cell phones, personal computers, and the internet have altogether made people’s lives easier as they have impacted communication and made the world a single village. Mobile phones and computers have brought the great importance of the internet, making information more accessible to everyone whenever they are in the world.

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Additionally, people are able to communicate with loved ones from any part of the world with just a touch of a button.

Undeniable Advantages of Modern Technology

Through the internet, people are able to do more activities in the comfort of their homes, such as studying, shopping, interviews, and work (Wang, Malthouse, & Krishnamurthi, 2015). Technology has played a being role in advancing health, social epidemiology, and the general environment. Technology has brought about new possibilities that could never be imagined in regards to environmental and health issues. Through technology medical practitioners and the general public are able to ensure that people avoid diseases before they are infected, as well as enabling people to avoid an early death (Feenberg, 2012).

Technology has also enabled medical professionals to realize the cause and effect of various medical epidemics efficiently and successfully. Apart from that, it is now easier than it was a decade prior to easier diagnosis of diseases and come up with viable cures. Patients are also able to communicate with their patients more easily (Feenberg, 2012). Technology has enabled the development of several apps that enable people to check their health status and know what they need to do to improve the same. Apps such as Fitbit, ZEO, and Nike FuelBand play a critical role in helping people track fundamental health data such as steps taken, how well a person sleeps, and calories burned (Meyer & Boll, 2014). The apps are important in collecting relevant data about people’s bodies; thus, empowering them to live a healthy life and understand their biology even better. Through technology now many people are able to understand their surrounding and have gained useful information on how they can protect and conserve the same. With this kind of scenario, it is possible to monitor several changes that take place in the environment at a global scale such as global warming.

Artificial intelligence and robotics also play a critical role in helping to protect and conserve the environment (Kuo, 2013). Old products such as iPhones can be easily recycled through robotics, well as other electronic gadgets. E-wastes have been a great problem all over the world, with the developed countries dumping their wastes in developing countries and this causes health hazards as people handling them live in poverty; thus use poor handling ways that compromise their health status (Kuo, 2013). Thus, the use of robotics helps in improving the recycling of electronic gadgets; thus, reducing the impact on developing countries. Conservation of power is one way to protect the environment; thus, artificial intelligence helps in developing modern power grids that are able to conduct electricity more optimally. Wildfires occur every year and they destroy a big area of flora and fauna. With NASA’s new technology, they are able to help firefighters detect wildfires early and come up with ways of curbing the same (Díaz-Ramírez et al. , 2012). The usage of gasoline and diesel on cars and machines also leads to large-scale air pollution; however, technology has assisted in finding a solution to the problem. Various car companies have built electric cars that are able to run on electricity. Using electric cars is a great way of reducing air pollution, and avoid the detrimental effects it has on health and the environment (Hawkins et al, 2013) The issue of curbing crime is a debatable issue in the sense that many people are arrested for no reason and the bad guys walk scot free. There are also many cases where the police use excessive force and end u injuring and even killing a suspect.

This is an area that needs proper checking and thanks to technology the issue is now being resolved step by step. The use of the devices is helping in realizing what really happens when a person is being arrested (Stanley, 2013). The device is worn by police officers and helps in recording videos of every scenario police officers engage in. The device is fundamental because it does not discriminate it provide both the negative and positive feedback concerning the conduct of an officer. It can clearly show the actions that an officer too; thus, the authorities can check if they were lawfully or not. If the officer used excessive force without proper cause or engaged in unlawful practices when handling a suspect. Before the introduction of technology, it as the word of the officer against that of the suspect, and without a doubt, the officers always won the case. Through the device, police officers can be able to get the correct description of a suspect before making an arrest (Stanley, 2013).

Elections play a fundamental role in the democracy of every country. It provides people with the power to elect leaders whom they believe would bring major changes in the life and the overall development of the country. Many countries especially developing countries have resulted to civil war due to poor electoral procedures that make the citizens angry and fail to concur with the announced results; however, technology has enabled for smooth electoral processes and education of citizens on how they can participate in an election without conflict (Nwangwu, 2015). It has enabled fairness and transparency in all matters pertaining to elections; thus, helping in reducing the chances of people fighting against each other, following the credibility of the results. Accidents mainly occur because of poor driving judgment among other relatable factors such as drunk driving. However, through technology, there are professionals in both ICT and mechanical fields are finding solutions to this problem. The introduction of self-driving cars plays a major role in reducing accidents. Tesla Inc. is one of the companies that has spearheaded the use of smart technologies in cars. Google has also introduced self-driving cars (Kelly, 2012). These cars are important as they would be able to reduce the number of people who lose their lives on the road by a significant margin. Self-driving cars are nearly becoming a reality and they would be used on the roads on a major scale because many big vehicle corporations are working hard to build their own self-driving cars (Kelly, 2012).


As much as technology boasts positive outcomes, it has also played a major role in eroding the moral code of the society and making many people lazy and dependant on the same. Many people especially you individuals are using the internet to access pornographic materials, which ends up affecting their perception of how they relate to the opposite sex. This plays a big role in crimes such as rape. Young individuals are also engrossed n using their phones and updating pictures on social media.

Some of them feel that without their phones they can die. People have also devised ways of using technology to commit bad things such as compromising big systems that help a large number of people; thus, interrupting important services such as security, medical care, and banking. As highlighted above technology has played a significant role in making the society a better place. The introduction of computers, mobile phones, and the internet has made communication between individuals easier and efficient. The way people do work, shopping, and educate themselves has been impacted in a great way as people are able to do these activities and much more in the comfort of their homes. The connection is allowing people all over the world to stay connected and with this, medical professionals can look at the ways they can be able to work together and find solutions to medical problems that compromise the health of many individuals. The various apps developed to help people take care of their health play a big role in ensuring that people monitor the way they carry themselves on a daily basis even how well they sleep.

Technology has also impacted the way people view and conserve their environment. Various technologies have enabled the use of robotics to improve recycling of electronic wastes and early detection of wildfires. Self-driving cars play a big role in ensuring that the number of deaths and injuries caused by accidents every year is reduced. While electric vehicles help in reducing pollution and promote environmental conservation. Even though there are disadvantages of using technology such as young individuals staying indoors and spending more time on their phones and the fact that parents are not aware of what they are really doing when they are on their computers, and many people using computers to commit fraudulent behaviors. Nonetheless, the positive side of the technology is more significant compared to the disadvantages; thus, it is clear that technology has made the society better.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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