Understanding the Causes of Hair Loss: Exploring Hair Transplant as a Solution

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Hair loss in men and women hormonal imbalance, geneticpredisposition, vitamin deficiency, anemia, are due to negativeexternal physical conditions. The resulting hair may a range of psychological problems in humans. For this reason, the people, to prevent hair loss, hairre-emergence spilled or spilled provide a variety of solutions seekto correct the image caused by the hair.

Crown and forehead area, especially in males, testosterone,hormone-sensitive hair follicles that are dumped for the damage and see. But the neck region between the two ears are not sensitive to the hormone testosterone in the hair follicles shed.

Hair transplantationis the process of transfer of this area is needed outpouring hair follicles.

The roots of healthy hair donor in the region, taken under local anesthesia by the expert team, openness in the region are placedone by one.

Hair transplantation, is performed under local anesthesia. With the operation done under local anesthesia, during operationthe patient is in communication with the doctor. People feel very comfortable themself, does not feel pain during the operation.

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Feel a slight pain in only a local anesthetic drugs. After the operation the doctor on a regular basis to recommend the use of pain killers and antibiotics after the process painless and very comfortable way of operation is completed.

In FUE method, hair one by one whether is transferred to the bald areas. Before removing donor hair follicle in the field will be cut up to 1 mm will be abbreviated. With the local anesthetic drug in the hair follicle and planting will be done local anesthetic in that region.

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Under the Micro-motor, hair Hallowed be approximated as centereddipped into the skin to match the angle of hair pulled out. Hair, follicle and microscopic tissue surrounding it, together with a cylindrical style will be cut. Collet is pulled gently with a microfollicular unit is separated from loose floor.
The operation of this automatic system with which to minimize graft shortened duration of operation, the unit also increased thenumber of grafts. Follicular units are then collected in this way the holes are placed in a much smaller drop in balding. Each follicular unit contains an average of 2 to 3 follicles.
Made by a team of professional hair gives very good results.Changed the appearance of human psychology, such as extendinga lifetime of hair is also very positive impact. Hair Restorationrequires skill and technology-enabled visualization of a scientific art.Extending the healthy, natural hair, gained self-confidence in peopleis increasing.

FUT method of hair transplantation, grafts containing 1 to 3 pieces of root hairs in the form of cultivation is the process of hair transplantation. Grafts containing hair follicles, the rear side of thestrip-shaped thin skin is obtained. FUT hairtransplant method, when applied by experienced people, as natural as the original results could not be distinguished from view.
Before you begin planting your hair with hair FUT method to form the front boundary line is determined and marked with a pen. In this line so that determination of the appropriate age, the most important point in the process.
Hair transplantation after determining the boundaries of the area in which planting done much density regions are planned. To achieve a natural look, hair transplantation should not be planting the same intensity all over the field.
During the taking of hair is arable with FUT method deposited on the stomach in the supine position, the piece of skin on the hair to be issued between the two ears is abbreviated. Process applied field, a completely sterile environment created by wiping with antiseptic solutions. Spill-resistant hair where most needed in this area by the amount of10-20 cm length and 1-2 cm wide strip is removed from the scalp. Ribbon cut skin edges removed from the region, planted close to each other with ropes closed anti-allergic sewing. We have used the most modern sewing equipment without any need forstitches to heal a sore.

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Understanding the Causes of Hair Loss: Exploring Hair Transplant as a Solution
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