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The world’s most pioneering search engine has revolutionized the internet industry by providing a means to find information at the click of mouse by bringing the vast information together, but the brand is much more than just a search engine. It searches everything, even from helping students in assignments to finding the best cafeteria near you, google is the result provider. One of the world’s best workplace, incorporating huge base of products and technology leader- the world’s most valuable company.

Even though, many competitors and challenges do exist for the company, but it has changed the way internet and its users’ function. This report will focus on the following areas:

  • Leader of search engines - generating highest user traffic.
  • Best company to work with.
  • Expansion of business.

Google, the most prominent website on the web. The leader in the search industry, people who have little knowledge about internet has heard of the name Google. It is used by everyone, the heart and soul of internet.

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Using google has become trend names as “googling”. Google is the largest website, traffic wise on the Internet till date, it has the capability of bringing its user back to site because of its simplicity and relevancy of result. Its uncommon for internet users to use other search engines like yahoo and Bing. According to Davis(2018)” With over 75 percent of the search market share, one hardly needs to introduce readers to Google. However, it clearly needs to head up any list of search engines” (n.

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d.). For every search related query any user inputs, it gives a vast list of sources to find the most suitable information. Not only google provides search results but also organizes its results in terms of credibility and suitability of information. The webpages with the most authentic information are listed first.

“The most significant advantage on the Google internet search engine is maybe the sheer number of sites that indexes. With 1998 Yahoo and Google indexed 26 million web sites, in the year 2000 that number grew to 1 billion sites and today Google is believed to have over a trillion (1,000,000,000,000) internet sites indexed.” (Alexander, 2015)Stox (2017) conclude that “10 million hits per month per property in Google Analytics” (n.d.)The use of the giant search engine by millions of users today have shaped the internet industry, making the access of information for every individual easy. This has made the world more connectable, knowledgeable and more aware. One can acquire any sort of information and learn new skills while just sitting at home. This exposure to the world of information has developed the cognitive abilities of people. Nowadays, Google is also known as the best company to work because of its amazing work culture.

Employees in google are treated more than workers, they are a family away from family to work. Google assumes full responsibility of developing and shaping their employees professionally and personally. Google has everything that an employee would expect, being the world’s best company, offering eco-friendly infrastructure, gaming and refreshing centers, using bicycles and eco friendly cars within the premises for commutation. Investopedia (2019) describes “Google encourages employees to spend this much of their time pursuing innovative ideas about which they are passionate, Google wants to make its employees' lives easier, and it's constantly searching for ways to improve the health, well-being, and morale of its Googlers”Google has the most culturally diverse workforce, it focuses on the upliftment of the minority sections of the community, offering a remarkable career to transgenders and women. It offers unparalleled employees’ perks like free meals, massages, salon and spas, laundry facilities, free baby sitting and much more.

Thirteen Forbes Technology Council members, some of whom have worked for Google, shared their thoughts on why the company deserves its "best corporate culture" title. According to Forbes technology council (2019), the various reasons for giving it the title are, google being the first company to offer flexible schedule to employees, giving them the freedom to be creative which boosts their productivity, providing a fun and entertaining environment reducing monotony and boredom, it offers a dog friendly environment and employees are free to bring their pets at workplace, not only the work culture but the way management and teammates treat each other is exceptionally amazing.Google embraces the most important element of an employer-employee relationship: trust. Google's willingness to trust their breeds job satisfaction. Work would be pleasure if every employee is treated like google treats its employees.

Employees are the ones who actually give shape and image to the brand, valuing employees and appreciating their contributions helps a company to build its reputation and making it the best in the world.Google has been growing its business since it came into existence, which has expanded its potential and made it a global leader. From the beginning, google has focused on new ideas, new products and new services which have changed the world of science and technology. All the brands of Google like Google Maps, Gmail, Google news, Google glass have been a massive success around the globe. It has always amazed the world with its exceptionally unique and helpful products which have changed the way the world functions today.For instance: Back in 1998, when google was founded internet was monstrous with thousands of webpages, unknown to the users. The advent of google made internet a better place to surf information. Now, it is a source of entertainment, communication, information and what not.

As stated by Rivera (2016) “It’s incredible that it took just 18 years for Google -- the company reached this milestone of adulthood on Sept. 27 -- to create a market capitalization of more than $530 billion. It’s perhaps even more amazing to recall how the search engine has changed life as we know it.”Google, basically known for its own innovations in the field of technology, has never ever been shy of expanding its business through acquisitions. Unlike, many other companies google has always admired other technological innovations and acquired them. “Over the last twenty years, Google has purchased nearly 200 companies ("Timeline – Company – Google"). The majority of these purchases have been integrated into current Google products and absorbed into the Google name. However, there are a handful of acquisitions that have maintained their identity during and after the ownership transition. The most public of those was the purchase of YouTube in 2006, costing Google $1.65 billion.” (Utilus.Inc., 2016).

Google products are spread everywhere on the internet. Every internet user knowingly or unknowingly is using Google’s services or products on daily basis. A common example for this could be an Android device user. Any android device by default is loaded with applications which are being run by google like Calendar, Maps, News aggregator, mails, photo editing application, cloud storage facility, google drive and many more. It has undoubtedly influenced our lives making it more simplified and easier.In conclusion, the I.T. giant is much more than a search engine, growing its business and the internet industry at a very fast pace. Google is the new library for the internet world and a brand employers and entrepreneurs can look up for creating their business models. Google is a synonym for internet, we as users use phrase ‘Google it’, instead of saying ‘let’s use the internet’. Google has changed our working methodology by simply using edit, amend and upload. From communicating and interacting with friends sitting thousand kilometers away to enrouting a new destination while on long drive it does everything. So, here we have Google, which has definitely impacted our lives and who knows which other existing road the advancement of the brand will give us.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022

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