What is a good cross-cultural definition of marriage?

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As globalization itself is making a great impact on the lives of people around the world, it could not be denied that marriage between cultures is an undeniable result of the merging of cultures around the world. This is more likely known as the cross-cultural marriage. The meeting of two people of different cultures is not as impossible at present times anymore compared to the past years of the human history.

This is the reason why the rate of people giving into marriage although they are from different cultures increases in number every year.

Most of the ones engaging in this kind of marriage who are most likely more involved in cross-cultural employments whereas they are often granted the opportunity of meeting other people from other countries. This chances then open the ways by which people become prone to getting easily connected with their colleagues from other cultures.

Aside form this; the Internet is also an effective way by which people meet others from different cultures.

The trend today is most likely related to the fact that as globalization increases and advances towards the future, the number of people engaging in cross-cultural marriages could be expected to become one of the most significant effects of globalization in the present human society.

More likely, as noted by anthropologists, the mixture of cultures as per resulted from cross-cultural marriages, would create a possible way by which people could attain peaceful adjustments towards the life of others on the other side of the earth, regardless of the culture that they are particularly born with.

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This should then conclude that the unification of worldwide culture could then be possible through the cross-cultural marriages around the world.

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