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Global village Essay

Paper type: Essay Pages: 5 (1033 words)

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Most texts explore the search for the balance between the individual/local/community and the global village the global village disrupts the balance and some individuals struggle to cope with these challenges while others cope with it.


Impersonal broad approach of the global village to the individual can cause them to have a close minded attitude which deters them from embracing the global village In the Film the Castle During the scene at the administrative appeals tribunal where Darryl goes to find out why his house id being taken away from him to expand a freight company (Airlink) “This is a ironclad agreement, between federal and local government and the airports commission” Darryl: “well where the agreement with Darryl Kerrigan 3 Highveiw crescent Coolaro? it’s not gonna happen”

The reverse angle shots and the contrast in their language suggest how impersonal and inconsiderate the global village can become, by Darryl mentioning his name and address he brings the conversat n culty in understanding as they are taking his home away for the companies expansion purposes.

Air-link (major freight company) become symbolic of the global village as the freight company hold the same values, beliefs and attitudes.

Throughout the film Airlink is referred to as “they” the third person impersonal pronoun reflects their approach to the individual which is impersonal and inconsiderate which makes the company separate from the communities and the individuals within it.


Similarly showing individuals that try to speak up in the global village are neglected treated impersonally.

Similarly in the blog “SPOT” Stewart demonstrates that the individuals that take up the challenge of being part of the global village are treated impersonally and are neglected as there are so many voices out in the online world. The metaphor “immediately you are assaulted by defeating noise” reflects upon the individuals struggles to be part of the global village. “It’s a formidable building” the metaphorical language highlights how the global village can become overwhelming for many people hence why characters such as Darryl ( In the Castle) choose to resist it.


The individuals voices are drowned because of the global village Likewise to Stewart Sitch shows the challenges an individual faces because of the influences of the global village. In the Castle during the low shot of the airplane flying over the house the contrast of loud diegetic sound of the plane to the quieter suburban sounds in the opening credits highlights how both physically and metaphorically the plane/ GLOBAL VILLAGE drowns the voices the individuals and smaller communities living in it. The plane flying over the suburban area also symbolizes how the global village is dominating over individuals lives and drowns the rights of the individual. The long shot of Darryl running to Jacks house yelling over the sound of the plane “Jack its Darryl” shows they have to constantly yell over the sounds of the plane gives the audience a sense of intrusion and taking over of the community which in the case of the film is inevitable.


individuals voices are drow ned out in the global village Just as Sitch, Stewart c onveys the same message in her blog that individuals who take up the challenge although they struggle to make a meaningful presence in the online wold of the global village. The analogy of “The space is completely jam-packed with a mass of people. So you squeeze yourself in to join the throng” helps the reader to imagine one of the most significant challenges of the global village which is to voice you opinion in a way which is heard and noticed rather than it being the same as the others. The image provided in the blog with a big crowd and one person holding a sign saying “click here!” allows the reader to visually see the difficulties faced by individuals trying to voice themselves out. Showing that the global village can drown individuals voices as so many people choose to do this, that singular voices are disregarded.


The challenge is overcome by having mutual understanding and respect

Stich suggests that for the challenge of being part of a global village to be embraced there must be balance between the two through mutual understanding and respect. In the Castle the character or Lawrie is symbolic of the bridge between the global village and the communities and individuals within it. During the court case of where Lawrie represents Darryl in fighting for his rights, the extreme close up of Lawrie while he takes of his glasses makes the argument “you may think cases are based on emotion rather than law, not true its about the highest law in this country- the constitution and one phrase within it “on just terms”..You can acquire a house but you cant acquire a home” his gestures of taking his glasses of make his argument more personal showing that this case is personal and emotional.

He conveys the global villages actions have negative consequences on individuals although through Lawrie’s character he also conveys the qualities of respect and understanding which the global village must incorporate to maintain the balance. During Lawrie’s argument while the music plays shots which cut from Lawrie, to the judges to the clark to all characters in the room provide a sense of harmony and balance, Lawrie places an augment together which can potentially bring the two worlds together and assist them in overcoming their differences in values, attitudes and belief.


Overcome by embracing the challenge and shifting from impersonal to personal On the other hand Stewart conveys that individual’s must embrace the challenge of communicating at a personal level in the global village to be heard. The verbs and adverbs “ And then someone gently taps you on the shoulder and whispers:” showing that it is possible to communicate with individuals in a personal way even in the context of global social media Stewart emphasises that personal engagement of interactions a much stronger approach than a screaming crowd. As she mentions “The gentle whisper distinctly cuts through the screaming chaos” the adjectives Give a sense of harmony for the individual as there is still a possibility for connections in the impersonal global village world of social media.

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