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Valentine’s Day – History, Traditions and Customs
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What is Valentine's Day? Valentine's Day occurs on the fourteenth of February. Initially, a Catholic holy person's day, Valentine's Day evolved throughout the years. Today it's daily given to love and romance. Consistently, a huge number of individuals over the globe trade Valentine's Day cards, chocolates, and roses. Cafés load up with couples old and youthful, and love, as is commonly said, is noticeable all around. The historical backdrop of Valentine's Day is fascinating and some of the time frustratingly…...
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How to Write the Perfect Valentine’s Day Poem?
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Roses are red, Violets are blue, It’s Valentine’s Day And a boring gift won’t do! It’s Valentine’s Day; the day of love and it’s not too late to do something special for that someone special in your life. Here’s how you can write your very own love poem in no time at all! People get nervous about writing poetry, especially love poetry because they are afraid it won’t be good or the person won’t like it. Others have trouble because…...
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Valentines Day
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There are 365 days out of the year and the only time people can express how they truly feel about the opposite sex is on Valentine's Day. The statistics show about 62% of adults will celebrate this holiday in the United States. This special holiday is celebrated in some countries, although other places around the world it’s a normal work day for some people. Around this time of year people go all out just to express how they feel about…...
Valentine's Day
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How to Write the Perfect Valentine’s Day Poem?
...If you’re having trouble knowing how to start with your love poem, remember this: You don’t want to just tell someone you love them. You want them to feel it in their hearts, in their souls, in their bones. This is where that whole “show, not t...

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