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The Importance of The Non-Profit Sector
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Look up and around the next time an errand runs within what is considered an inner-city, there may be a feeling of sorrow at the ominous clouds hovering the hopeless-looking faces of many of its residents. Statistics are easily available online, most likely due in part to the debate that is constantly being had in regards areas of degradation, who suffer from the decisions made by honestly, I don’t know. All these statistics, jaw jabbing, and finger-pointing is displayed that…...
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Fraud Risk in Nonprofit Organizations
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Although it is important to be able to notice certain warning signs when they are made apparent, all non-for-profit organizations should have controls in place that will deter fraudulent activity from occurring in the first place. Even though many of the managers have multiple jobs and it may seem like an easier option to let the auditors try and discover fraudulent activity, the ultimate responsibility belongs to the management to monitor all the internal controls. Having an annual outside audit…...
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Performance Management in Non-Profit Organizations
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Pages • 22
Non-Profit organizations are trusted to address some the most challenging issues affecting society: ending violence in inner-city communities, educating disadvantaged children, diminishing health disparities and empowering disfranchised populations to bring about change are just a few of these very difficult tasks non-profits take on. Considering the importance of that work and the pivotal role these organizations play in alleviating the burden of those issues to society, it is fair to say that non-profits are held against high expectations and consequently…...
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