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What is Desalination of Water?
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The global freshwater supply is being put under increasing pressure by sustained development, and in most areas there is no further borehole or surface water. Therefore, the desalination of seawater is viewed as an effective option. With reverse osmosis being one of most accepted ways of desalinating seawater, it is seen that desalination largely depends on the control of waste concentrate, possible negative environmental impacts, and the fact that it is expensive to implement. At the same time, desalination provides…...
Desalination Of WaterWater
Will Desalination Help to Deal With Water Crisis in Tamilnadu
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Introduction Without the water, no one can live. Living with water is vital. We can't imagine human life without water. For one day, you can't even live without drinking water. Then believe of life if in this globe there is no water. It's going to be a big catastrophe for humanity. But we humans pollute the water in all possible respects, such as waste water, industrial waste. The Elixir of Life The earth is a watery region. we are encompassed…...
Desalination Of WaterWater
Water Desalination
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The supply of freshwater is a restricting element in any civilization. Freshwater is specified as waters having less than 1% dissolved solid content. Freshwater is gotten from rivers, lakes, streams and underground sources. Early civilizations were located near freshwater bodies, allowing the population to shower and consume, the crops to be routinely watered and animals to be effectively hydrated. Today, freshwater is made use of in a variety of methods. The most crucial usage of freshwater is still for human…...
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What is Desalination of Water?
...Thiyagarajan, V., Harder, T. & Qian, P-Y. 2003. Combined effects of temperature and salinity on larval development and attachment of the subtidal barnacle Balanus trigonus Darwin. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 287: 223...

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